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Whose ur fav iconic BFFs?? |


happy halloween 🖤 | @kyliejenner |


made this a while back hate it✌🏻


Your 2nd @ is your stalker👀


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first video




which one did you get? 🧍‍♀️#aot


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As a leo I wud be nothing without my earth signs 🌎


that fire and water combo 🔥💦 is elite


are we compatible? 🙈


pls I had to do this 😭


They don‘t show it, but sometimes they are really hurt too.


Part 2?#zodiacs


Zodiacs During a plane crash💀✋


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Your [email protected] is your soulmate✨


oops 🙊 inspired by: @antonella.b.r__17 ✨


b*tch nobody 😡




Zodiac signs as animals part 4


with @untiniuc ❤️ aries ❤️


Reply to @jkitscole Gemini, sag, Libra, Virgo


Ayeee 🤪🥂




I just realised that I have loads of videos on IG reels that I forgot to post in here lol 😂 Is your sign here? ⬇️ I’m ♐️


Kiss kiss😚#zodiac


getting into a fight with ‼️


Meet the water signs


Meet the fire signs


Sorry for the mess🥺 (Save the vid for better experience😅)#foryoupage


rep yall signs‼️who do y’all think are the best fighters ♈️♉️♊️♋️♐️♏️♎️♍️♌️♑️♒️♓️


(3/3) do u claim?


good luck 😈#army_aesthetic_


Yeah ? ‼️




Part 2 cuz it’s so funny😭✌️


Confirmen💖🛐 Ig:whitebear_111✨


"I talk nothing like that"


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I’m sick help


"I found it in the garbage"


No lo nieguen yo se que si 🔥🛐 Ig:whitebear_111✨






Nesesito que confirmen🛐✨🔮 Ig:whitebear_111✨


Confirmen y hagan la enamoracion🛐✨ Ig:whitebear_111✨




"She is right"



anime girl repost 🤸‍♀️


Reply to @jkitscole part 2 of the zodiac doctor diagnosis!


Reply to @jkitscole and we’ve got ONE more part to go


Yo encontré paz y lágrimas✨ Ig:whitebear_111


VS ‼️


confirmen🛐✨y les doy papitas🐻‍❄️ ✨Ig:whitebear_111




Houses I’d give to zodiacs 🏡🧍🏼‍♀️#foryou


VS ‼️


getting into a fight with ‼️


tried my best 👍#BenefitOfBrows ainbow


“don’t let them look through the curtains”


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Wer sagt , dass das nicht geht


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