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do u like squishy girls ?




Draft, but be careful who you follow around in the Manor.







😭😭yeah u tweakin


Have a great wknd! 😝







FNL 🤍💙 @reagan_weiss @drewroperr


Football game 🏈 🤍


Football game 🏈 🤍


It’s the knife twirl for me😂😂😂. Nah they escorting me out😫. Videocreds:@Ty Simpson




Super random lol


don't forget to clear your brower history 😊


how u want the double c but no Chanel


with @handsomelittleguy




I’m assuming people wanted me to do this lol


Bf reveal |


Duet with @mechanicalb2 FOLLOW


Reply to @kaylee_frank the very requested piercing tour




For reasons I will not address, this is a joke


This was taken down for minor safety even tho I’m 18 :/ the IKEA bucket hat has to stay on the page tho


hey so you guys should do this open collab thingy 😆 ALSO USE SNAPTIK


with @hpc_official


In the j5 family everybody works 🤨


uno más porque me encanta el top jaja



I broke my back and not the good kind


✨my own one & only ✨


That crunch 🤪🤪🤪




save and crop


your third @ your step sister


beat it til the morning


before the "ur mom" comments come, i already did it :)


cry for mee


with @sharheclark


A or B???


@justmindyabusiness is my girl


Twitch in bio‼️



Reply to @kaidakill06


Reply to @kaidakill06


boy ain’t no way boy


in ur company




One more cause why not



Teacher Morning Routine part 1 ✨♥️



Am I shadow banned?


Doing a lil dancy dance lol 😂#IDeserveTuitionContest



Bod asf


lmAO whyyy we’re we so in sync 😭😭🤣


this is so old //



When he still makes you nervous




I don’t got no typeee


phone fell at the perfect time lol


phone fell at the perfect time lol


no bitches



Does this TikTok show up for you? Lmk pls 🙏


close enough lol? i fell on the camera like 3 times


Quality quotes from my bathroom floor 🤍


thats the whole point babe


Reply to @igyyang05 Posting the best ones!! your toxicity.


idc what anyone says lol


U speak when i tell u too🙂


I couldn’t dance to save my life


I couldn’t dance to save my life


Headphones were in the way 🥵


Day 2


I’ll probably delete this later


My forever dance partner🤍💍 @scottiemoore


Redid my faves. ♥️


“i’m not ready”




If this isn’t enough proof then what is


Finally!! Gesh!!


why is my hubs filming so calm & his dad not helping 🤪This is the funniest ever ! @caitlinblaine4


Nico: okay bye *muah* love you. Mouse: wtf?#cat


Nico: okay bye *muah* love you. Mouse: wtf?#cat


Nico: okay bye *muah* love you. Mouse: wtf?#cat


on a platter


Kaneki | Jealous eyedress |#kinziiedits


oops #AEJeansHaveFun #ZFlipClackdown #ThatCloseMessenger



Halloween is coming. Lewis is ready. #viral #ZFlipClackdown #fyp #viralvideo #old #thirsty #thirsttrap


Here’s the facts….now what?


Thirst trap


@k..a..y..s..e..n @chomolia @halfcab420 @g.lambrix23