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And I OOP- @trashmouth_kokissi it was chaotic but also kinda fun




I’m trying


Past life love 💛


Which fit is ur fave?






here’s a more upbeat video😁


Reply to @tvermulm Matty is my boy 🥰


@wingstop down bad ?




wait until the end 😏







fr tho thank you


Devil & Angel @lilnasx


Knock knock!!!✊🏼 Room service? 🧹


Y’all 😀 I’m sorry



Ogres are like onions...



Working My Parttime


Plz duet w/reactions


ik y'all relate , cause people love to try you and think you sweet but really don't know wassup😤😒


i’m doing this everyday till y’all get me to 20k🥺


If this video flops you are all haters because this is the cutest video ever.



I’m a lengthy mf



I miss this acc


Everyone follows my Instagram?


Remember to celebrate the process even when you’re not where you want to be 🙏🏾🥰


what time is it🤭


clap, clap, clap 👏🏼 PRESS the ➕ and ❤️ IF I should wear this FIT AGAIN


When you get a call home from school @leethe4th


When not cleaning your toy room actually saves your life


Happy Friday <3



and that’s on getting bloated


New shorts who dis




what color was my shirt 👀📸





Rate me 1-10 💕


Reply to @freight_delivering_fool


When I tell y’all I can’t feel my legs rn I’m not even playing 😭😭


Free charli cow filter! LOOK IN THE COMMENTS @charlidamelio


with @sesigorl it’s hard when you’re a little thicc and not flexible at all 😂


Let him come home and play with the kids!


If it wasn’t for those 3 things I would be lost 💀😭#passingthephone


Pretty excited about this bathing suit😝💥


who’s ur fav from team k?


i stg 2 seconds into meeting a random person i tell them my entire life story


Reply to @yeet8iy feel free to leave any other suggestions!


Mama is ready for summer.


This one is for @melisxem :)#cowfilter @charlidamelio


Another inspirational interview😁






so uh..yea


A message for my kings out there.


Wild wild wild thoughts DC @melissaabeee


Not having a good day but tryin to vibe and make it better 💕☀️


Style in an outfit with me!


we are not compatible if you don’t feel the same way


Guess my zodiac 😋😋


Gonna be using this for baking as well!! The coffee flavor is so good. @javy.coffee_collab


me and a puppy 🥰


Rate my transitions in the comments


Have a human Whitty 😳🤲


Who Wants A Mini Me? 😇🙈 pillows from @dreamapillow


IDK WTF I just ate cause there’s no way this has ANY FLAVOR 0/10 😳🥴


why do my vids keep getting taken down??


ilysm <3


gets me everytime...


APRIL 1 just hit different


follow my insta RN


screw u 🙂👍🏻


I’m def too lame for this song


Ya Mama think I’m the Man #FreeFreeDance #manolomik3ent #YasClean #nyc #nike #waves #viral #mystyle #mystical #african #nature #spring #nj #quality


just jokes🤰🏻


Featuring Lexi’s swimsuit



Get on my level





school today was nice


Shower before 🤢 🤮 shower after meh 😕 but that’s on baby waking up while cleaning!


Dr strange is here


i kelt hearing weird noises... oh well!!





COLLAB WITH @cleaning0611 1/2💙 check her videos out guys! #WorthTheWait


ngl I struggled to balance when I turned





your second @ had a big head follow me on the gram add me on sc


Tu t’y retrouves ?


happy 4th mother truckerzzz