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this episode was everything. happy halloween!!


normalize stanning oscar pls


daddy issues ¿


my first velocity😭, no hate pls


sukuna so smooth with it


like i want u <3 || cc: kagune


joining in on the trend! | repost cause it flopped | cc richlorenn |


Reply to @manusiamisteri1 don't forget to tag me in your edits okayy


Korea’s President! #kpop


tried a more calming audio? (editing my followers pt4)


ANIME @charlidamelio


Free velocity + mbl + coloring // credits=like // @charlidamelio //#fyp


there’s a power in what you do😌


Heavily ib : @t4yk1. This fancam is so hard to twixtor!




hey @nottrebeca


kaimon supermacy | damon or kai?


Sorry I made jk ver. Late 🐰♥️#jk


guys omg tysm for 6k


(Repost) saw a lil mistake😭


cc: @.chrzmx ac: ?? // No puedo creer lo que logré, de vdd los amo <3


New Trend?? //


Can’t stop edit him ||


he looks like how chase atlatic sounds :)


have a good weekend 🥺💗 |


free edit 2/5 / comentar para dt cuando acabe de subirlos <3




yea I did fell:/ ib:@netflix.teen_


His tongue😍#foryou


Son tan editables😾👆🏻


New trend?#brucewillis


If the sound is off beat it’s TikTok’s fault😍. What is your favorite era ?(Could be anyone)


New Trend?#keanureeves


uau estraguei a trend


(@grannylovertay) hey loll😅 |


ill try and do this with all members. ib: @t4yk1


eu amei| rmk: @yslrcse|


so overheated


Which member next?


Which member next?


Which member next?


Free slowed and mbl video! (U don’t have to give credits BUT U CAN)


status: currently ded @billieeilish




okay i’m ready for tell em to drop ||


i tried making it flash to the beat! i hope this helps :)


vibe with Olivia👰🏻‍♀️💕 @livbedumb


comeback edit? - ac: dollavfx on sc - @addisonre


im gonna try to be more active 😱😱 - cc + sc: st ac: dollavfx on sc ||@charlidamelio


follow @nextvelos its me and the were hot youre not gc posting velos- cc+sc:st ac:cereal | @charlidamelio


I FORGOT TO DO IT WHEN IT WAS DAY OH WELL // TC: @gyarudoll // This trend :lipbite: //


!!THIS IS A REMAKE OF TTD3!! // I think i did pretty well for my first time masking hbu? :D //


rich boy 🤑| do you like addinson? 😁 @addisonre




hola papi @tiktok tqm, Gente! subí Tutorial de mi coloring a Youtube!!( no se necesita am pro) yt: Yos Mellado.


velocitys> ||


تعالوا انستا n6rrbn ||


Queen 😍 audition for @velos.cgd 💙💙


nobody, nobody knows....


repost if my edit for @eliv3r edit contest!


sorry for not being as active i’ve been busy😭 C-link appreciated to help my vid go viral!!




get it charli 😛 @charlidamelio [ ]


literal goals luv <3


minor spoilers


⚠️FREE VELO VIDS⚠️FAKE BODY⚠️ wishing i was one of those fanpages charli followed. @charlidamelio


back with my old wm 😎- cc: st ac: chanelshub -


Ranboo ran that vlog (not sexualizing)


fr carrying tiktok rn @advicefromty @urfavoritecandian @deadtomichael


queen doja│#dojacat


Disco Muna xborg😂


bex> you | ac- @tvdae


getting my cast off in a couple of days now giving head will be a lot easier- cc:st @charlidamelio


besties /


я сплю или видео и вправду под русский трек.. /


Keju 🥶


hate this but oh well#jj


my back is arching omg what 😨??


this is probably one of my longest audios i’ve made


editing the first video on my fyp | @doosjie


I‘m missing the sarcastic Negan 🥲


First vid ☺️


100K SOON!? - cc+sc: st | @colamonkey55


assemble 😁




да, я сделала с надей такое и что вы мне сделаете😝😝 // ас/rm: chanel @nadya.yeremin


да, я сделала с надей такое и что вы мне сделаете😝😝 // ас/rm: chanel @nadya.yeremin


rich girl 🤑 - cc: st ac: nochillasagna on sc @charlidamelio


kath in elenas body>>


making the ga yessirrrrrrrrrrr - ac: me cc+sc: st | @avani


I was crying while editing this (ib @brianna )


the editing community rn- 😭😭 ac: chanel @addisonre


просили под кайф ты поймала, и на этом всё, не хочу получать коммы на подобии "зачем перезаливать"😀


JISOO IS SO PERFECT!! creds in cmmts <3


chika kawaiiiii panget pa ng velocity HAHA sana ma fyp


sorry ily max but Lucas is bae


((ib: @_potterly_ ))


follow my insta -> voguedamelo | cc:st ac:idk tag @charlidamelio FAKE BODY


bringe it back | @aydenmekus @nickbencivengo |


💙 ||


This turned out better than I thought ngl


That’s it I’m ending my videostar subscription🤠


who else misses the old @b3eleyy trends??




@anushree_____0 Asmirable#Dance


In the j5 family everybody works 🤨


this scene <3


on my hands and knees for her 🧎🏻‍♀️


on my hands and knees for her 🧎🏻‍♀️




the holy katherine


база для вело-эдита, также можно скачать в моём тг,я баню людей, которые лайкают все видео мне.


I will forever ship beronica👩‍❤‍👩


Sorry this isn’t a slash edit, BUT HE’S FINE😭😭 @lukesworldofun


у нас новенький в классе ухх.. а ещё я забыла на кого делала рм хелп




ib @/r.s1ut8 || a lil suprise at the end 😆




this scene felt powerful


i wish someone loved me like romeo loved juliet, keep it going ac: sxhillings on sc cc: st


быть бессмертным или иметь 30млн$, но жить 2 года?


bow down bitches 🙇🏾‍♀️ . ft: @jaziahvictor |


I know whatever city you live in 😍


@riwww <3 |


i am not about to let y’all forget that THIS TAE exists


i wanna ruin our friendship😏😏 @getlostloser2.o


fuck me eyes [velocity practice] |


Check out this velocity trend🙈 Idea cr to @BENGBENGMARCOS


Them 😩 - @gloryboyricky -


Amo esta escena 🛐


when he’s 19 on the weekends 👰🏽‍♀️ @youcantfindalex @.alexito


i ain’t even finish this 💀 ib: @ny ✪