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Gamers can be fit as well.


That bug saved me.


Let’s be honest, she’s so toxic 😂 | by u/XeroXayuki


"No one can hold their breath forever." | ig: toastming | twitch.tv/toastming


"Make them beg." | ig: toastming | twitch.tv/toastming


i am cracked


ur automatically hot if u join btw


Trolling my teammates using sage lamaw


While waiting for my friends to play w/ me


dont ult me raze 😈


i was so confused @kotaro_k


Guys! I am inviting you to join our Valorant tournament on May 29-30, 2021! Reg fee is 250 pesos only! Link in bio 💗


Sorry In advance


Holding down A is too easy


Thank you so much for the cake! Happiest first birthday! 💙


Sin dedicatorias





Into the thick of it. My valorant version. Clips are not mine :>


this is ur sign to take ur gf/bf to a gaming cafe


Baby Blue - Uhhh. l


All jokes aside some of y’all be hard carrying💀


Traduzi do @cloudkronos


the next level kind of bad


valorant is a horror game


this is a troll but bulldog do be accurate tbh hahah


had to do it


Credits: Hero (youtube)


he said what 😳


Di namin expected to parang may mali


Especially when my enemy team has pheonix, breach, skye, yoru, KAY/O


first try


hope y’all are seeing some improvement at least


damn ib :@tapdono don’t look at the warps not me btw


Clutch moments


“What you see depends not only on what you look at, but also on where you look from” -James Deacon


this was when i was iron 3, and i can’t tell who was worse omen and sova or me-


what da dog doin??🤔


we all love yoru right? right?


momen kaget


wow valorant !!! 😍😍💯😈


watch until the end. trust me :)


Kucing @hhoneybabe road to radiant


Valorant is horror game


ANYTHING for dommy mommy reyna🤤😈😩😩


These sage walls are hard to do so I recommend this sage wall boost tutorial on YT in the comments


Yung tropa mong 🤣🤣


so eager to release !! 🤙🏽


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any questions? I’ll answe them!


Re Upload but whatever


Bro zoned


he makes this game a lot more tolerable


هههاي 😂❤️#fyp


serious bako nyan? 🤣


Fastest Korean Jett 6K? 💨 |


Some say “all good”… tricks




You HAVE to know this WALLBANG tricks


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miss me with that bullllllsheeeeeeeet😌✨


Reply to @halbrookes was cuddling the cat before this


So kelan ace natin? Hahahahaha!


miss doing raze montages :( old clip from one of my highlights


i hope this video doesn't blow up like jamar 😳





hi follow my twitch 🤠😳 twitch.tv/kyumiie


Ngl viper can get it 😳


Dropped a 30 bomb and my audio was messing up the whole game🥱


how we feeling about AGENT NERFS??


how we feeling about AGENT NERFS??


now u can costum ur skin? D:


now u can costum ur skin? D:




Damn that movement tho 🤣 @Overtime Money


might just platonically simp for rp



Valorant is just a flashing simulator 🤧


“you’ll never be anything without me” ib:@SKIM


LMAOO they always bully the sage


LMAOO they always bully the sage


lost my promos and then my mind!


Ace clutch fail pt1