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So exciteddddd


same @trihunna, same🤣




it's the bed head for me


U gotta help ya friends when they get that hole in their leggings


happy to say this isn’t a draft :)





Reply to @lightskin.zay_ is this enough effort?





Who ready for Trump to come back



Tik tok banned my other account from posting so blow this up 😤🥲


I am a menace to society smh🤣#TalkCurlyToMe


End my suffering



This is so dumb


i just woke up from a nap so stfu


Have you? 🍑


Have you? 🍑



Tiktok is finally letting me post this! ❤️


me after my leg + Glute routine😫


This took forever


Finished piece from today's post


Can’t believe he went for it wow




with @kodak_cameron had to let this mans know




I can’t with this trend… but the weenies enjoyed it.. 😂💀😭


with @ultrarosela



Comic Book Team Ups: The Sinister Six


Comic Book Team Ups: The Midnight Sons


with @briaunnaxoxo 🤭


with @briaunnaxoxo 🤭


No wrong answers



tiktok will probably delete that one



After being banned at 50k🥺


Yuhhh said it here 😎


just saying almost like a PSA


If ykyk#itskrystallols


Would I 🌚


i look fat :(


idk if I did this right😵‍💫


idk if I did this right😵‍💫




I miss high school man😔#viral



Literally 🙄


y’all swea they my knees cuz I got big yk what’s 🙄




I finally posted smth


wake up, it’s the first of the month‼️😫#foryoupage !?


Reply to @cruzz_061 Secured the bag



for real#viral


This outfit 😍😍@beestrong.activewear link in bio 😜😜


Reply to @diorr.ashten |




Lookit that little murder smirk. Think this is four months apart


Given the chance to turn a life around, would you?


These two together are a nightmare


Reply to @sugarcanedude


New pieces from @Tiger Mist ❤️‍🔥


with @betraved just woke up had to duet this


Go take a bath🤮


Reply to @axvryezzz 😊



Women belong in the kitchen


HMU… I’m done fuckinf with u cuz ur a hoe




Got my masters degree in pettiness 💀 hit the + if you enjoyed


dc : @tracy.oj


Everything REAL, It runs in the Fam 💗🙈☺️ use my sound


august ❤️‍🩹🎾😃🤩🌪



Goodnight 🌙


jokes but not rlly


Can we run


oops I got distracted and lost the beat 😵‍💫 @bellasjaded @rinnarains


tiktok removed it😭 but wtf


filler 👍



no bouncing tik tok said 🥴 got it



wanted to try out this filter but i wish it wouldn’t change your eye color 🥺 i like my brown eyes


last part!


with @djpaulydeesnutz