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issa jokeeee


I know my leggings are see through, but got a body suit on thoughh 😂😩#featureme






I DID NOT REALISE IT WOULD WORK. She’s so cute though 🥰🥰


I look SO unimpressed. Where’s the CHARISMA anyway here we are


It’s my birthday!!!! 🙈






Wise words from a wise white woman


Anyone else getting these ads ? 😂😂😂😂


How true, when they ask it’s makes you not want to do it


my week at school ✌️#duet


welcome to my campus !!!💫💫💫


Me at work 💉😂



Kitchen dance


this trend was MADE for chubby women 🥰🥰🥰✨



a collection of moments🪞


Best decision we made tho 💙



This song ahhhh


On god, imma duet this


Thank you for 107 followers!!! Ahhhh


This audio is cute


Will this get removed without 15 minutes? Probably but it’s worth a try right 😂


Never again



Everyone on my fyp rn lol! Dc: @goolir x @arri.arii



Am I wrong🤔#gamer


Flexing my Santa socks in feb 😤💪🏻




The time I went on to get stood up in ...


Bad Day



This hurt my Tongue so much!! 🤯 LIKE & FOLLOW FOR MORE!!


USA Collapsing


I have so many drafts omg


Evil Facebook


with @greatreset2030 CRISPR DNA


*Adds flash to hide terrible transition*


Reply to @chipbuttys I’d really love to, chug jug with you



Oh boy here's my voice - new sound potential maybe?


This is my kingdom come. 🇬🇧


say bless u😡 @pia.is.evil




Recreated everyone’s favourite tiktok! Lol


POV getting attacked by a bird who’s mouth is two spoons.



He flopped Infront of 100,000 people 😳


Oh dear


What's her name? 🇬🇧



Can we all take a moment to appreciate this…



trried to upload this since yesterday 💀


trust the process 💅🏽


Things Men do for Women 😂😂😂#comedy



Good work London. 29th May 2021. 💙


Btw that’s why I’m barely posting hahah


I hate this so much


Here’s some pine squeezes because it smells lush🥰




Fit check


vibin and debunking


Maine Payal Hai (Remix)#mainepayalhaichankai



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What would you do? let me know in the comments!




Who else loves Mary Queen of Scots? Raise your hand!





Been stung once before...never again🙂




Cookie or Biscuit




I would miss her alot!


The F Word


It’s terrifying 🙃


with @dixiegina1284


Countries’ life expectancies






Nothing to say about this video:)




fav sound :)





كل الحكومات تعمل لمستقبل شعبها.. 🇮🇶 شعبه يعمل لمستقبل حكومته 💔#الملك_فيصل_الثاني


🕊️R.I.P We will never forget your sacrifice for our freedom today🕊️





This one’s for the girls and the gays




Reply to @stadfan @tiktok_uk I need your help stopping these trolls.




Suit yourself


ew 🤠


ew part 2🤠


I hope you're okay!



Begging duet comment if u r gonna sing with us 💪🏻 insta - the202band



COMBINATION/REMAKE of 3 of my Favourite videos





Can you?



is this cute🥶


Come on! I actually want this Tattoo!


Wait for the end 😂


Reply to @juksy01 As requested




Don’t intend to 😂🥳 ///


Should we just be honest?


and I quote! "from the ground!" make sure to LIKE & FOLLOW


Reply to @x8ight he’s homeless now😪 @oliwhite pattern up your bro your on holiday whilst my man is homeless😪


Reply to @somantirirud smh🤦‍♂️ I don’t rate James white anymore - Bun him. A man try say he’s gonna sh4nk a girl yuno🤦‍♂️#fypシ



Txt LOVE to 66668 or click the link in my bio to find out who loves you😍


Eating watermelon with our hands>>



Had to look left cuz these hoes ain’t right 🖕🏾#foryoupage


screwface capital


Which one is your favourite? 🥰


How to create Big Eyes👁👀







Your local covid believer.


Taliban ban the covid vaccine


What a disaster morning drinking



plz get me veiws and likes 💯


🤣🤣🤣 UK vs USA!


Actually knew which sound I was using this time 😅😂



Unlimited 🦷 in this wap no dentist



It got took down for no reason 😂😂 it was going viral as well smh




হে আল্লাহ আমাদেরকে বোঝার তউফিক দান করেন আমিন 🤲🏻#muslim


with @kellysalpeter




baby pink roses 🌹


R.I.P Sidharth Shukla#rip


no hate to France







The it crowd season 2 episode 3










A day london 🤍🇬🇧


You can’t take us anywhere 😂 @roseylucci (DC: @Sam)






Answer to @nord_man81



I’m going to do this dance 100 times! 😂 (DC: mee)





This is a joke ….




Teacher VS Student😡#foryou


Teacher VS Student😡#foryou


I wasn’t expecting that ending 😭💔


Man smashed it UNITED KONDOM 😂... •FOLLOW for daily memes ➡️➡️➡️ @s1.suf •#petrol






when you have a bad day and you take it out on poor alexa 😭


This moment from The Chase will never not be funny 😂


Scouser didn’t care about the students 😂


Tb to my first ever quote😅#BOSSMoves


Absolute rip off


Who's awake rn?


Likkle Man Was On Smoke 👀 |






Too funny



I was banndd at like 450k 😭


IM TIRED OF THE ABUSE 😔💔#somalitiktok


What was that😂 @Lauren Olivia Howard



Tory Xmas Party


Home Remedy For Diabetes


Reply to @kimmie.head0


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