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Who's Your Bias in TxT & BTS?


1 giây trước thảm hoạ 😢


청량 열매 190304개 씹어 먹고 온 TXT💙 @txt.bighitent


txt drama. Looks like things are startin to get feisty🥵


idols como personajes de


nahlo gyuu






lmao pls i love him😩☝️


take the internet away from me 🤟🏻🙃 Wey ya quítenme el internet 🤟🏻🙃


They look scary af 👀


Mukanya njun😭


Yes get it Soobin...




[-🦊✨] again my random edits🤧


Responder a @s0ft_.coffx Espero hallan entendido me tarde mucho 😩🖐️


the quality of this video matches the quality of my life 🤩☝🏽||





احد ينقذني من الشيلات








1. Anti-Romantic 💔Creatives by 시현 Rania, Lee Hyun Ju, Jung Su Jung#Anti_Romantic


2. 0X1=LOVESONG (I Know I Love You) feat. Seori 🎵Creatives by 시현 Rania, Lee Hyun Ju, Jung Su Jung#0X1LOVESONG


3. Magic ✨Creatives by 시현 Rania, Lee Hyun Ju, Jung Su Jung#TXT_Magic


4. 소악행 (Ice Cream) 🍦Creatives by 시현 Rania, Lee Hyun Ju, Jung Su Jung#TXT_IceCream


5. 밸런스 게임 (What if I had been that PUMA) 🎮Creatives by 시현 Rania, Lee Hyun Ju, Jung Su Jung#TXT_BalanceGame


6. No Rules ❌Creatives by 시현 Rania, Lee Hyun Ju, Jung Su Jung#NoRules


7. 디어 스푸트니크 (Dear Sputnik) 💌Creatives by 시현 Rania, Lee Hyun Ju, Jung Su Jung#Dear_Sputnik


8. Frost ❄Creatives by 시현 Rania, Lee Hyun Ju, Jung Su Jung#TXT_Frost


I'm so shocked...


good days with beomgyu 🧸


찢었다 무대를 뒤집어놓으셨다 후


Repost bc tik tok keep deleting it!


러업러업러업송 많이 사랑해주세요#TOMORROW_X_TOGETHER


anti-romantic 🖤




hueningkai at the end tho, he rlly carried the song😩


anti-romantic supremacy @txt.bighitent dc: @yutasbestie


Beomgyu showed his- 😶




when he’s shy it’s litteraly the cutest thing ever <3



Se paso jajaja



SURPRISE!! 😎 💙 by


waiting for my mc to load 🤓


They are at it again


it’s always gyu too 😭😭


Beomgyu 2021


I love how Yeonjun dances 🥰😭


Pero Kai 🛐 | Please don't let this flop :( |


Este lo subí a insta con otra marca de agua, pa que no se asusten eh




HOW the fuc...


My boy


What? Really?#jimin


cute Soobin will make your day better



with @salemilese 🎤#Anti_Romantic


he looks at moas with twinkling eyes :(


اسرع فيد اترجمه😭😭😭




magic¿ 💀


Вот фон кому надо)


𝐵𝑦𝑒 𝑔𝑢𝑦𝑠, ℎ𝑖 𝑙𝑎𝑑𝑖𝑒𝑠!!


بخلي لكم الاجابه🙄✋🏻


power duo 💣 |


اسم بايسك من بي تي اس من غير نقاط 😭؟


artist of the month 🎸 |







تابعوني على حساب ثاني @5lilxx_ بنزل في تصاميمي


the way they’re both my biases from their groups too…




Soobinie kissed me twice 😭🙌


1/5 Beomgyu <3


beomgyu kaosan is another level





اعوذ باالله من الحلوين 😩💔#مسلسلات_كورية


Reply to @taehyungiesugar Gini kan ya?


TW// FLICKER | soogyu what is your ring size


instant serotonin boost


5:53 ⏰ |


😆💜la carita de Kai


kembang desa ni


txt’s hyung line ❤️



Or maybe that’s actually them idk this is funny😭


Taehyun 😂😂😭




eekkkk😩😩 (ib:@/snghnie)


such king energy


탈덕부정기 어떻게든 버티고 싶어서 만든 영상


/rie en flop @tiktok





10/10 everyone you did great! 💕✨ @txt.bighitent @bts_official_bighit


En mi corazón no cabe todo el amor que siento por ti ♡



اخر ايموجي استعملته؟ 😭🤏


let me be your woman // ib : @riki.hub


these comments are so mean and unnecessary.


Another version of them 3 lol


스윗한 말투에 그렇지 못한 말




Reply to @nathanaldebaranz LEARN HOW TO FLIRT FROM YEONBIN 🤩 @txt.bighitent



visualnya 🔥


repost 🙁


stream loser=lover for a good life


beomgyu always copying yeonjun’s raps..😭


Responder a @draken_calvi JAJAJAJ cada que les pregunta quien lo hizo dicen que Bang PD


i’m obsessed w u





soobin is literally me whenever this happens 😭


just 5 guys during their practice schedule


they never give yeonjun a break pls




bang pd finding out he’s getting married soon🧍‍♂️




LMAO save beomgyu :’)



[ ]




Reply to @fairysoobinn beomgyu are you okay 😭


someone asked for the Beomgyu ver. so here we are // idk if i will do a versions with all members..


someone asked for the Beomgyu ver. so here we are // idk if i will do a versions with all members..



Joining the trend with bias (- Yeonjun) ✌🏻✨#moa


actually obsessed


very political❌


He makes us wanna speak Spanish


최범규와 체밤규


poor terry 😭🥺



it would be chaotic af 😭



ib: @prodyeonjun Yeah It's you! okay he's not 6ft tall but he's super strong😩


뿔테안경 잘 어울리는 남자


Reply to @prettyluh_angel12 bamtoris i gotchu









오랜만에 데뷔 초 태현이가 보고 싶었기에


겨울이 빨리 왔으면 하는 이유


yeonjuns bday in 24 hours 🥳


even my birthday on september. It’s busy month for me😂



ib: @lvsickgirl


look at terry move them hips


مع تريندكم :)


แอคนี้มันแกงอีกละ= =


진짜 주인공은 너였어



tulaa engko play victim lagii kan dh kena😌🖐🏻#yeonjun






ذا الرياكشن للي طلبوا😩⚡#fyppppppppppppppppppppppp


pura" ga tau aja


Today they still let me breathe BUT they make me have headache 😌[#enhypen ]




he so lovely:(


لو تبادلنا الانماط انت/ي بتكون intj واني؟#fyp


this month is going so busy 😆


I wanna live - Molang


i’m not crying, you are


he’s so fine and he knows it



رياكشن جديد 😏💪


Will you stay for me? xxx 💙


my love


다시 보고 싶은 멜뮤 최연준




ابد ولا فتحت الكتاب🧢#سنوليسا💗


short, but I had fun making this


foi mto daora fazer essa tradu, sério 🐈‍⬛


Yeonjun so hottttt😭💗


توموروتان الطف اشخاص 🤏🏻#عائلة_توموروتان