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Blue light glasses from @theseglasses


And everybody’s watching her…


This is what you came for



check my last video to see the health risks associated with PFAS.


Reply to @leekbrownofficial718 How was the walk?


brunch fit 🤑🤑



I swear she’ll have five conversations in one sentence




The life of the Medjai


keep scrolling if yk me 🤣 @scalzo00


with @togethxr


Actually 5’2” but close enough😂 @shanreisss



Can confirm, i look into every mirror I pass @dippindaisys


Everyone’s asking for a room tour shld that b my next vid? Cmt



😜 @kris10man


Reply to @leilaunierivera


Bo would hate this


it’s absolutely terrifying.



Reply to @dbhands


This song🔥




My Trip to Hawaii 💋 Everyone Should Come Here


Me yelling at him in the begging 😌



Im so sorry you had to hear this.



Babysantana 14 slowed




I’m drunk on you~








Add my snap, 👻hxrting.lmao, 😘


My cat had to walk away 😂


Ander ❤️‍🔥


Just weighed myself for the first time in a minute 111lbs @dollskill


Just woke up and decided to check out my latest @dollskill





we kinda hit the beat tho 🔥🔥🔥


nothing to say for myself.



Chubby tingsss#PrimeDayDealsDance


Wanna be my babyyy🥸#PrimeDayDealsDance


the quality 😭


i can finnally start getting tan


can we bring back old tiktok trends?


y’all like the door


tw: waist on thinna



Happy Father’s Day


The truth!


do you like my new swimsuit?


Oh no she didn’t , im so annoying 😂😂😂😂😩







Reply to @satx_luis210


Reply to @angelogb_512


Part 1/2; Toilet Clean🥰#PrimeDayShowPJParty



answers pls🧐


innie minnie miney moe


My new workout routine


the sky matches my pants 🌈


pool day


@loganpaul it’s my birthday @tiktok



i tried. to many drinks


Feeling my self tonight 🔋!


E122: Michael knows best!


This song is so cuuuute


This ones fun and imma redo it tomorrow😤


Another cute sonnng


ion dance but this was stuck in my head all day at work



Duhhh 😂😂.


scratch that needa thicc bitxh


not even playing 🙄..




✨ im 🐚


Answer to @rickpaterno


I can tell by the way you in love with me.


I just woke up 😜




am I still shadow banned lolllll


he want my number


tikky tokking


u can literally see bentley eat my chicken sandwich in the beginning


WAKE UP👁‼️#exposing


This scene what insane 😲


with @brentrivera do it again😏






hey scout 😁!



That’s actually a shirt but it looks better as a skirt



When a Mexican mom disciplines an American kid🇲🇽🇺🇸 part 4 @mackfailing


Do you follow my Instagram 🥺☺️


I have nothing new so drafts it is


here’s a draft bc i have nothing to post 💕💕


literally. [[ ]]



no such thing as too much coconut oil


who's ready to learn 😏






Summertime fine😏😄











feelin fancy💅🏼#CompleteMyLook


Growing old sucks I hate it




Well i seen it & had to try it, and that i did







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