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fuc valentine


idrk this dance


maybe this one won’t get taken down 🤠 swim by @snorkelbearswim




This song 🤣🤣🤣💖 I just love this suit


Look ma’ no hands✨🙌🏼 I’m so in love w L.A 😍


Please don’t let this flop @gabbersz @megwilliamsssss @ajbranco0






Oh snap




did you guys know?! 😅


Happy hump day!




just my outfit for today 😁👍🏻 also join the discord link in my bio !! 💖





When that Amazon 📦 hit and it’s ya new 🤭 toy.


Reply to @crackheadkid00 for the boys


Look very close and you’ll see it!



Someone teach me how to dance pls





No me sale la caminata, quien me enseña?🥺


👀 I have a condition




Slipped on ice and fell on my butt getting these from the mail box!!


Dc: @funsize.lochead Ladies I’m giving donations. Too much 🍑



hope ya like it


screw u Ashley and Laura😙 ( my sister was helping me )


I love this dance🥺🥺


don’t know the words



did you follow my instagram yet?? do you like the skirt or forbidden pants more? 😏


I had to try this out Lol, but don’t try it on a Latina, dam near died.


Sho nuff


Reply to @oneolddad that’s what I’m talking about


Dancing with my shadow



this was too fun 😂😂


Did that just happen?


lmr loves💙



the unexpected plot twist



hi how was your day


this has been stuck in my headddd 😅




We’re gonna try this again🤪 tik tok hates a$$ follow the gramm


how i’m putting my 2 weeks in 👋🏻


Can we love ourselves anyway?🥺#snapindentures


Do you guys know what this ride is called?




Bless her for taking him off my hands



tiktok it’s a swimsuit🙄#fypシ


havnt had an annie blow up in a min :(



I can't believe we are sharing this 😳 @singlemommajourney @crystalp87




Guys this is so easy 😍😍 give it a try!


I’m bored


look ma no hands 👏🍑



We love slow mo’s




Enjoy my kinda good hair day