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toxic friend check😚😚when she answers 3 days late to my text on the last one


gotta love my bestie 🥰🥰


Olivia Series Update/part 4!


like for part two to see the texts


Toxic couples be like: 😂




i look like crack


don’t cha know that cha toxic 😈


THE friend



Jk nice guys only 😁✨🙏🏼


I’m lost 😂🤭


semi toxica


I’ll make a part 2 and explain more if this blows up or I feel like it.




This one is gold star quality


If ur the cue app pls sponsor me if anyone wants a part 2 lmk in the comments and I’ll make it








I’m tryna see how y’all veiw me😂#fypシ




Maybe now??🥺😖😭 {#junkoenoshima - @aresdiedd}


I think we know too many of these😀


@brittpettitt you really need to educate yourself.


sorry i had trauma 😃


This taco good asl😩 am I missing some🤔?


Thank that man above we still cool @meechiiegang__


😂😂Y’all want a part 3 ?





He is fine btw



Haha trending


You be toxic 💖 xx


haven’t done a dance on here in awhile so why not 🤪


Oooof the end statement is a vibe 😂


Toxic 🤣



Nightttttt :)


need y’all’s toxic ideas 😩


better off




modern day feminism is the definition of toxicity


Rule If your girl's name is Ashley.. run. Link in bio if you want to catch a cheater.


Zou jij het accepteren?😮


Come on stink 🦹🏾‍♂️


Submitted by Anonymous



Big ass L for dream fans 😹👎🏽


I guess will never know



🙄 fem.inist


Reply to @isthatpink CANT 🧢 WE BE TOXIC🙈


with @itsbrzme Haven't seen my son in 3 years



If I’m not your gf your paying lbs 🤷🏾‍♀️


You gotta finish her off 💯🙏🏾






well said🥲




Ironic 🤔


Key Word: “Act”


my friends were so surprised when i got it :(


the played becomes the player ❗️ heartless mfs



pov you broke off a fwb bc you literally had to beg to be kissed…





It just makes sense



I love men that are not good for me lmao they’re the most fun 🥴




Focus in urself kings👑




Read it again


Hit the (+) if you toxic 😈


Tag that Girl


What's her sign?


W for u, L for her


Save this just in case


Tag that Girl



Think about it


Now she has to suffer again



Read that again


Remember boys remember


Reply to @igyyang05 Posting the best ones!! your toxicity.


ANON STORYTIME! @colourpopco used the plush like me palette+good&plenty lip liner, band t lip stick.


Teach her a lesson


I am one.


When the debate gets too personal for you 🤬❌😭


Je reposte car elle a percé 😏


i mean shiiii i ain’t seen him yet either 💀#foryou



guys i have covid 😔



toxic - boywithuke футаж с зелёным фоном


Ответ пользователю @tartimilka oh my friends are toxic футаж


Ответ пользователю @tartimilka oh my friends are toxic футаж


حتى افضل الأصدقاء يتخاصمون أحياناً... 💔#edit


Too late for this trend tho but why not!!!