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@drakos_sarita and i at every family event 🤣🤭


Can we make my first tiktok go viral


pardon my past-self’s squeal


when you promise not to tell but they got money


to last when i ripped my lip skin before goin out


Throwback dance @csengeforstner !!!


We didn’t even know this team😂😂💕#MakeBakeShake


All the cool kids sit at the back of the bus


to the beach with @csengeforstner 🏖🏖🏖


How cuuuuuute is this dress tho


Reply to @simpcakes COMMENT THROWBACK DANCES YOU WANT ME TO DO!! 🥰 DC: @minecrafter2011


A fragrance that rejuvenates skin & refreshes the mind. @gokulsantol takes me back to my beautiful childhood days!


binuhay mo ang puso ko. ❤️❤️❤️





had a little too much juice this night...



Throwback a year ago🤫🤫💀


Redoing the old tiktok dances!!


Redoing the old tiktok dances!!


Redoing the old tiktok dances!!


I'm picky with my woman i'm deciding 🎶


December draft ahahaha 🤣


🤷🏻‍♀️ | MORE Nostalgia on IG: Tara.Town |



friends don’t look at friends that way… 💫


Everyone used to do this😂😂


Fun times🥲


Here’s a throwback for y’all


Here’s a throwback from the beginning of this TikTok adventure 🙈


Drunk julia 😅



Highschool - 2003



damn dumb


Iykyk. Tell me how old you are without actually telling me how old you are



can't go wrong with spaghetti tacos 😍🍝🌮


another HIGHLY requested throwback 😂


tell me the hairflip wasnt EVERY .2 seconds !


cingciripit bang --


If I was featured on Stay by The Kid Laroi and Justin Bieber


with @delylahthomass 1 year ago today 🤭


i completely forgot about this song


so about that time Steve went off to college… 💙🐾


✨ Mamiii!😂


what if ur fav tv show was a hit song


hands up if you want a Pear Pad 3📱



on a platter


Throwback from the drafts ◡̈







this is insane🤯 IG:teddybearosito


Fart Friday- that time we were asked to fart on a hard chair




André's grandma really had no chill 👀