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Neighbors still won't fix damages!


@alexa.malm and I made a dance



Reply to @kcchieffer It’s HAWT DENNA HOE OUTCHEA


I kissed my dance partner and...


Cow print bikini in the country yes sir


Rate my country outfit!!


Crazy guy running wild on the hi way. Texas Trooper has it under control. How it’s done.



This ones for the men. This needed to be said.


Everything’s bigger in Texas !


they already deleted it once.. don't let this flop 🥺🙏🏻


with @mistydawn253


Made funeral arrangements for the Cat today.. 😂


Powers out becasue Texas can’t handle snow


Don’t ask us how we are doing😂


with @somepoliticaldude



USA Collapsing


what being a photographer is like for my boyfriend 👀 would you be a photographer? pc: @yoitsbeauu



Zipper Strength 💪🏼




Think you can beat me at pool? 😜🎱


My new daily house attire 👙


I love her in another ways 😂🖤..


Raise your hand if you like zipper vids 🙋🏼‍♀️


Wanna go for a ride 🏎


Down at the border part 1




When not cleaning your toy room actually saves your life




Thinking it's time for another road trip...


I was checking out the TV’s, then I turn the corner to this 💀


Whataburger hits different after 11pm😂







this dance gives me serotonin DC: @taymarquise 💝🎵⭐


Reply to @jordyhallett maybe if it stops raining in Texas! 😂


First try with my [email protected]


Bees swarming in the morning!


Hey ya’ll! It’s been a little while 🙋🏼‍♀️


🔥🔥unremix this 🔥🔥


The kangaroos in Texas are bigger and meaner 😂


Reply to @pouredpositivityrocks Part 2



Texas ppl different


at least the pool is nice



yeah ok maybe a little. hated living in Texas, it was so hot.


I’m embarrassed for myself -#iCarlyAffirmation


Reply to @buddhadaddy y’all wild now, but I’m here for it


Part 1/2; Toilet Clean🥰#PrimeDayShowPJParty


Good morn y’all. Let’s see if this one gets ‘brought down’ 🧐🙄


Shoot your guns in the air 😛



It was so hard!


Make it make sense pls 👏




How Baylor and Oklahoma State be feeling right now.


with @jonbezrouch




Vaccine mandates are here Texas, Florida what will you do?



Reply to @fabiantoo_vxlid Truth!




Many hospitals in Texas are overwhelmed with unvaccinated COVID patients.


I need more friends anyways ☹️


What are these? So many of them in Texas! The kids liked them and felt bad for stepping on them so they made a RIP tombstone


El Campo (TX) FINEST! ➡️ @4socrazy



wink 💘🎵



Today was senior citizens day at school 😭#viral




This cop is the creepiest I've ever seen



This guy helped design the Texas abortion law…




Reply to @connerlayne As a music fan, I am disgusted. This venue & fest need control.


I love Houston


how’s that for a glow up


These are my people… this is my family


i love this lol


SAN ANTONIO, TX! 🌋🤘🏾 See y’all next Saturday Dec 18th at Picks Bar! Get your tickets now!


Reply to @mindymarie8406 Well Moment of Truth…


Reply to @mindymarie8406 Well Moment of Truth…