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It’s A Love Story


This is my passion project🔥❤️ it took a long time but i❤️it


I honestly can’t believe anyone follows me 😂 ilysm💕 Ig @julieanneallen


The belt says; future is female. Which is appropriate, I think




Hey kids, SPELLING IS FUN 🌻#greenscreen


Cornelia Street can hang with All Too Well and Delicate thems are just the facts


I balled like a baby during my clean speech 🙃💜


Paper Rings appreciation post 💜💎💜


...tried to change the ending, Peter losing Wendy, I...


These lyrics have me astral projecting into the 6th dimension pls send help 🙂



Fun Fact! I’ve been to Taylor’s Rhode Island house, not the inside to meet her just the outside like a stalker 🙂


she really is on some new shit 👌💅


this sound has me feeling some type of way 🥺😩 blessed audio


I really love how this turned out 💜what’s your era?


Cuz look at your face ☺️💕


@kaymar10 your sounds are iconic 🥰❤️


this background is video of long live from my night at the rep tour. I was trying really hard not to cry oops.


Im exposing myself as the rep Stan 🖤#outfitchange



with @dylanmarkmurphy1


What’s your era? Ig @julieanneallen


Reply to @noahtheleftist I’ll not be taking criticism at this time, thank you


Is it cheating to repost your most viewed video under a trending sound months after you originally posted it?#yes❤️


time flies when ur sad all the time 🤷‍♀️


and they all happen in the same 10 minutes 🙃


what other moments should i try to recreate? 🧐


with @helloimjayy duet me 💀🖤


this was my passion project 🖤💕


fearless hits different in this outfit ✨


i’d say i need to calm down but this goes so hard


💜speak now is a no skip💜


This is everything💜✨


is champagne problems your favourite from evermore, or are you ok?🥂🍾 #cosplay


team lonely witch🧙🏻‍♀️✨


ms. swift knew what she was doing🎄✨✨


✨i said what i said ✨


the saga continues...


and so it goes on...




Some Valentine’s Day looks featuring items from @adoreme


well that took a turn...


cardigan mv fit is COMPLETE!! & i’m kinda living for it tbh ☺️


TAYLENA🥺 Edit Cr @filmglams ❤


king of my heart bodysuit done gets me one step closer to making every rep outfit🤣


Patiently waiting for @taylornation


What’s your era?


Taylor Swift saved 2021 😌✨


Taylor Swift


part 3




you left me no choice but to stay here forever...


Cual es tu favorita?


the holy trinity


the holy trinity pt2.


baby folklore


un video de @nao_arancibia





بسوي الترند ذا على كل مفضليني



artist of the decade things


what the song said




This is the cutest trend 🥺




competencia con @lunadvoir


Reply to @thatgirlfrombooks tutorial pt.1 //


if this gets to the top of the sound and she sees it i’ll start shaking and crying



Call me Miss Perfectly Fine because I walked away without a scratch @taylorswift @taylornation


Joining this trend, better late than never :)


i love this video



Getaway car <33




When I tell you I SCREAMED 🐿


this is definitely one of the best traditions we’ve started


Thanks Taylor 👍



@taylorswift your drink tastes pretty good 🧣☕️ @Starbucks @emilyd278


it made me cry


Reply to @kosherwheelies




do you hear it?



Not talking further questions at this time!


😩❤️‍🔥كلنا @hshq