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So I did something and now I'm crying, pls I love him so much :(((


The duality 😳 •


بغير نوع حسابى🐻🎞️.!


Honestly my favourite taehyung fancam


Esse vídeo é invisível, só aparece pra quem tá com sdds dele


Listen this at night🎶🌃#bts_official_bighit still imagining if @bts_official_bighit will cover this


GOOD at taking millions of army's breath away BOY



je l’aime si fort




V (BTS) vs. Dior's models (part 7)


pov??! ty sm for 51k🥀♥️


💜 💜


V (BTS) vs. Gucci's models


I wish he could see himself the way I see him :(


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