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Well that didn’t go as well as expected


due to personal reasons i will be passing away


Haven’t been the same


TikTok deleted it the first time @veronicanicolea


ig: teddybearosito for a surprise🐪


Put it on my face 😝 quarantine has us wilding


Well, stair challenge is harder than it looks



How long have u guys bn following me for? (Fit:@fashionnova) fashionnovapartner


my new sleep schedule is 4am to 2 pm hby?😬


Video creds @chandlerfarber



bc I haven’t seen my friends in weeks 😭. Please don’t take it down Tiktok 😭.


Missing cheer and this uni 😢#supposedtobeworldsmonth




This dance was a workout and a half


Ladies if you love your man show him you were the Flyest #quarantinelife






i just made this up haha... everyone do my dance and tag me 🥰🥰🥰


Nothing but LOVE💗😘


Our mom kicked us out after this


this is an old draft..


It’s finally nice outside :)) dc:@nicoletrimmerr


3 years of Lady Lightning uniforms did me well⚡️💙


Can we go back 😊