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di kona kaya ni-ki


mommy???? 😵‍💫😵‍💫




plsssss gay paniccc, must watch squid game




AHHH he deserved better 🥺🥺


his eng accent had me-🤚🦋✨


the way i screamed when i saw him


the way i screamed when i saw him



Love at first sight!! Does anyone know him? Let me know it too! Hahaha 😍😂





last edit, I swear 😩


last edit, I swear 😩





‼️SQUID GAME SPOILERS‼️ (kinda but not really??)




Cute granpa💍




Sorry na agad


Nakasayaw muna bago mamatay HAHAHAHA


Who didn't cry on this scene?


his English accent 🛐










Squid game is a must watch y’all!! 👀🦭#tiktok








Balas @dazaiiistan many of you requested Ali ver, here you go 🥰


the finest woman to ever exist


aite that’s it. i’m drinking grass now brb


the plot twist



He ended up alone :'/


Squidgame 🔥


Lesson Learn. When people hungry with money they will become selfish even if it will cost their life.


Sangat kesal


ditective joon-ho


she’s perfect 😻


she’s perfect 😻


ganteng bgt njirr😭❣♥️



Reply to @hastomo98 for those asking for the location of Ate julie 😂


Red Light, Green Light 😂


Squid Game🤣#bts


Yan na lolo nyo HAHHAHAA mema lang po hehehehe Iloveyou to all my supporters😩✨#squidgameviral


I'M DOWN BAD😫🦋💗#hoyeonjung





this scene hit me so hard


Quel est ton profil de joueur ? 👀 @netflixfr


player 067


backup ❤️🔥


🤭 [#ajrvcn ]


daddy? 😳


wala, angas lang nung sounds



Pahihirapan ka muna.😐


KDRAMA NAME: squid game


Squid Game lập kỷ lục tại đất Mỹ bất chấp tranh cãi, dàn cast gửi lời chào độc giả Kênh 14.


on my hands and knees for her 🧎🏻‍♀️


on my hands and knees for her 🧎🏻‍♀️


Comment the song that will make you lose 🤭



my new obsession |



game spoiler!! the games were all the time on the wall 💀


Okay but she’s so beautiful 😩‼️


buka topeng lansung beda alam


Responder a @doramania_16 pero que monumento 🤌🏻😵‍💫


just a scrap


лучшие девочки 😭


Reply to @j.kxin_ ملقتش فديوهات ف حطيت صور 🙂👍🏻#foryoupage




эта дорама захватила мои рекомендации 🤭#followme


эта дорама захватила мои рекомендации 🤭#followme


эта дорама захватила мои рекомендации 🤭#followme


Its a joke.


ali deserved so much better 💔


اذا شفت المسلسل عطني رأيك 😁 ..


Avatar Squid game on Insta



هو ما يضحك بس اضحكو


So many people and only one won



Reply to @ruthbellpan LAST ONE WILL BLOW YOUR MIND 🤯


He knows...


Gửi tới đứa bẹn ghét:))#CapCut


Hajun dancing to Cheer Up by TWICE


the way i was SOBBING


He a runner, he a trackstarrhhh






Песня прям про них#capcut


i love her#saebyeok





이런.. oops.. なるほどね!


Don't let me see you move 🤫😳



Idk what to put for the caption


Idk what to put for the caption


067 - прекрасна, дайте пожалуйста её инсту


This song kinda fits to this


why is this so difficult to make?!?




😩🛐 //



Saison 2 ?


Saison 2 ?








Reply to @rvn_ar SQUID GAME HERE WE GO!! @netflix



he knows he is hot af


pov: u just passed away


Reply to @maboda8




ذا الرياكشن للي طلبوا😩⚡#fyppppppppppppppppppppppp


Trò chơi con mực squid game remix lun


[SG SPOILER] 067 and 240 :( |


Try these out if you enjoyed squid game😁


Reply to @speedrundeeznuts4life This is a traditional candy in Korea called Dalgona. But honeycomb is used in different cultures!


The next conspiracy theory..? 🦑


had so much potential 💔💔


«can we go to jeju island together»




who else watched it for the plot?





sblm di dor✋🏻😫 @zepeto.official.tt


Obsessed with squid Game 😩


Obsessed with squid Game 😩




Gặp trường hợp này nên xử lý sao đây? 🥲


Squid Game ep7


Habt ihr schon gesehen ??👀👀👀💀😂#fyp


mukanya pd terpaksa joget kalo ga di dor😩✋🏻@zepeto.official.tt


LES GO!🤦‍♀️


Fake blood


❣Drama: Squid Game❣#fy




Who gave her the pass tho 😡🤣🤣


Do you think you would survive the first game? 😂


Ref & IB : @redhaee , i love this show sm.


detik2 ali sblm di jedor, diledekin dulu sm sangwoo🥲 tbh kl di filmnya aku kasian bgt si asli sm ali ☹️ @zepeto.official.tt


Kontraknya kelar di dunia fana aja


the megan one at the end 😭💀


mana nih yg mnt requestan junho sm frontman😩✋🏻 mianhae kubikin sedikit melehoy😫


Jeon Jungkook for Squid game s2 :p


junho sblm di dor sm frontman akur skali ya unch😽


я не могла пройти мимо этого..#fishgame




So cute irl 😩💗💗


Ne gerekiyorsa yapıcam 😥


-kang-sae byeok // show-Squid Game //



หัวใจก็มีเเค่เนี๊ยะ เพราะให้เธอไปหมดเเล้ว🤏🥺#wihajoon



All Best Roblox Squid games! Link in bio to find them ❤️ (YouTube: OKEH GAMING TV)


so sweetnya mereka berdua unch🙈😍


What's your favorite TV show / movie? ✨



HoYeon Jung becoming Sae-Byeok


i want them to baptise me in between their thighs🙄


This show got me screaming-


Reupload because the sound was funny-


gi-hun henshin 💥


Pretty boys



Me and my friends at


игра окончена.сполеры 📌


Subway man or Police man ?


This is how i’d get eliminated 🦑


Не всем конечно, но...


dolla' bills


dolla' bills


That walk though.


with @dominicditanna can I be in the next season @thesquidgamesnotofficial



You can’t resist the SIUUU😂




Can u find the ☂️🔺▫️🟡🚦⭐️ emojies


We finally got the filterrrr ☺️


5 Facts about Squid Game!



من أجمل ما شاهدت 🥺💕SQUID GAME👑#starcommando


هذة عمره 42 💔!


لمين تردون بعد


this scene felt powerful


11 nguyên tắc sống phải biết trước khi quá trễ


On lance une trend ?




لا تعليق 🌚💔


I didn‘t expected 😱


ib: @Grace


ali <3333




I tried what yall think? Lemme know🥺


Lesbian for HOYEON🧍‍♀️#fyp





Сразу было понятно, кто победит


Joon Ho🧎‍♀️



Making something sad not so sad, thank me later ❤️


معاناتي مع لعبة الحبار 🥴#لعبة_الحبار




The most requested vid in a long time... 🤣


want a part 2?




IB : @benjikrol


Disculpen la calidad xD


Rm mateovfx


mung kene ingt natang 🙂 .


mung kene ingt natang 🙂 .


mung kene ingt natang 🙂 .


I did it just for fun <3


khliwni ntiti


Reply to @rdmazz I got you🤪


with @celebritiesintosims like 🤣🤣🤣why I needed this laugh tho



get silly



part 1


Tag a fan and don't say anything @funny.content


get silly 2 😈.#foryoupage



girls ver.? thank y'all for 50k💓




Gong Yoo dat baby 😂😭


Lol laugh out loud ha ha 😄


Yes or No? 🥺❤️






مشكلتي احفظ بسرعه وانسى بسرعه🤏🏻💔


How cool would this clock be 😍 Well.. maybe not exactly like this one 😂Inspiration: @nanvo


Squid Game but make it drag! With a nod to Miss Mayhem Miller 👀




Reply to @gia_luv




How to make squid game cookies 😂


pov: Karen likes squid game ib: @youngmi



Yo en el 🤪 me at the



Squid Game in real life in Maastricht! 🦑


i dont even know what a squid game is //



i really shouldn’t stay



You can’t make this up 🙃


POV your parents binge watched squid games last night 🙊😆 @pazfamilyof5






My dog officially has more net worth than me.


you loose!




علا اعناد الدول البقيه


so there’s gonna be a squid game season 2 for sure?🤨



I'm happy today. Cuz I won squid game.


Well now we know who will survive the squid games