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dueces ✌️


if y’all ever watched Ben 10 he don’t even be licking his hand but ok😭


someone call our bestie 📞


MY FAVE HOLDIAY!! Which one is your favorite?? 😎#greenscreen


Reply to @fairycommentsofcl some of y’all need help😭😭


do y’all hear what I hear?🙂


I get what I wanttt🥰🙈


My brother walked in


yall this dance is too cute 🥺🥺 dc: @jebriebaby


Reply to @_.sai234._ almost to 150k hit that follow for a suprise🥺


Fun times with @audreysipler01 and


Practicing some transitions


can’t film today,, so here’s a vid of me vibing yesterday!!


my led lights should’ve been on red to match me😢


my right peace sign is always wider then my left and idk why


happy mood bc i just got TOP 3 for dancer of the year at my fav dance convention!!!!! @thestreetzdance


Woah some real content? huh.



I am Sylinasaurus and this is my Dino bikini, I’m in love ❤️🦖🦕