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How happy are you today?



hi friends :) follow me on instagram! 💛


“God Help The Outcasts” from The Hunchback of Notre Dame😜#xyzbca


When will my life begin?#xyzbca


Before you go...



SHOULD I BUY A UKELELE?! & what’s the cheapest best kind 🤣


the uke has reached the destination!!! 🤩what do y’all wanna hear?


My uke just came & I wanna show yall but I can only play riptide 😅🤣


Reply to @jarohe318 deliah is one lucky gal


Reply to @jarohe318 Trololololo


Music makes everything better💕🎵 @gabigraves


Reply to @nwg_perry What y’all think of this one 🥺❤️


added lyrics


with @jhekhoos someone duet and add a harmony 🥰


This is my first singing video without music. Be nice 😊


Just the two of us 🥰


i kno ppl have done this but i wanted to do it too lmao



The Wellerman.


Bruises - Lewis Capaldi


my mom caught me slipping...


with @caseybassy


🎧wear headphones🎧 also link in bio for a surprise... insta- henrythe202🔥 #rightearleftear






i’m sorry about the black humour i really am😭


dalsii zkouska :)




Singing Realtor Names


“Africa” Harmony Breakdown. 🌍🎶


3:00 am, con fachas, en pijama y sin maquillaje, pero con toda la actitud xd😜



this gonna flop anyways


tag nyo “friend” nyo HAHAHAHAH umay (ib: @samii.rosee)



sometimes you just need a hug from that one person#OneStepCloser


Which color is your favorite?😂


Reply to @madcakes77 love this song♥️


Reply to @martinkertolagura This song is hard tho 😅 Hope you like it! / inst – adaliattaa✨/


Reply to @omalystoss


Reply to @ur.emothot thank y’all so much for 800k🤍 it’s unbelievable I LOVE YALL SO MUCH


for those who requested a song from sour 😎


I swear if I hear one more deez nuts joke I will cry /hj





Reply to @its_rylee__ love me some Shawn


Reply to @smp...gacha


with @sarahcothran Tried to harmonize! I love this audio!


Don't try me 😁🍆🔥#boyfriend


😑😑which one do you known?


i didn’t think i would get that high part omg…😭🥺


Crazy 🤯


duet if u relate🙄 (insta- the202band) also send this to THAT person…


🏢🤾🤾 @kiszuko1


Begging duet comment if u r gonna sing with us 💪🏻 insta - the202band


new by @tianiedacostaa


Traitor x Olivia rodrigo 🥺💙#traitor



150k views on YouTube in 3 days!! FULL COVER OF IRIS IS OUT NOW!! like share comment, I love you guys link in bio 💙#LeadWithLove


so hard to sing this with out crying


should I do this with one of the instruments?



Wer fühlt es? 😅 aber gebt niemals auf! 🥰


artist of the decade things




Showcasing two talents, just wait for it @izzyrylee


Reply to @leroylong2 because i know you guys loved this one🤍✨


I love this song! Leave suggestions in the comments and follow for more!


One of my favorite childhood cartoons and this is their themes song 😍 hope I did well 😂


One of my favorite childhood cartoons and this is their themes song 😍 hope I did well 😂


far I gow guys❤️


I don’t usually wear hats 😂


olivia got us all crying in the club @keenante


send this to THAT person or tag them!! @keenante


Like I can - @samsmith


here is like i can but a slower version


can we make my sound trend?!? Make a video with someone you love using this sound!🤍




with @jhekhoos anyone remember the original? :)


Don't Ask Me Out Original Song Duet With My Boyfriend Marshall


ig after all this time, i’m still into you…


So young and happy 😃


How many songs do u know?? 🖤


this song has been stuck in my head for days now


I stan this man 😂😂 ( Via: @Blaze T )


“quick maths”


My man @dominikklein hit me up to assist him with this song.How did we do?#try


auf @im_siowei als wir noch dachten, dass das alles bald wieder ein Ende hat.. xD


Next country? 😷📈


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