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draft buh does anyone wanna teach me how to do makeup pls pls🤍


my gf @kennedy.copelanddd


during pride month too


Taking you guys to a virtual fashion show 💕


With bæ @bradyae 🤤 // // Fit creds: @erox.a 🥰


klee you menace






Cleaning break @oh.its.phoebe




old account banned at 112k 👎🏼


Bathroom clean ✅ My favorite product to clean the bathroom is Softscrub Oxi!




Which bathing suit is your fave?


@yungboyks3 your clothes are adorable thank you! Find him on insta too! 






Ya'll down bad


🖤🖤🖤 @bri.fuertes




buddy got fried @nikogeorge3



Reply to @datboy8 I am obsessed with this sound thanks to y’all 😩😂


go white girl go


This will be taken down anyway


big pimpin


big pimpin



My dirty socks 🧦 lol


currently sunburnt😍


forgot to finish:/



if he wanted to he would💗


She didn’t lemme finish the tiktok



sum 1 find me to do this with



I am sick 😅 of link in bio






Did u react😭❓#fyp


Reply to @omegakrogan just as bad as the first one 😂


the amount of videos of this dance in my drafts is ridiculous 😂 #plussize




with @jadaamorr 😂😂 I stuttered lmao 👍🏽






uh yeah😆



hey my name is Gucci mane



Growing old sucks I hate it


So much fun @gavinmagnus 📸




who’s gonna be the next passenger?


#TakisTransformation #fypp #CompleteMyLook #SimlishSessions




Old edit







F**K the Elite! my ass!


Reply to @www.bangbros.org




I’m gonna find myself a husband here lol!


Jade could never do what Talia does


in shorts as requested


Who else relates? 💔



I’m never wrong but I just love proving I was right


my 🍑 is flat😑


with @henrycarterphotography


my office is a mess 😭







hi random post but I hope you’re doing great! Jesus loves u




Shawty 🤩





shark pop it! is it rare? 🦈🐳


Lol. @lsxucyl @teztuffest @eyeso.underrated @glokkiin @forgivetylan 🥶🥱💀🏀🥲


Not a fun day


Be mad ash on me







bawls in yo jaws 💪🏽


Hoppin on da trend


It’s time to get loud!


AS2 Edit‼️#TakisTransformation


just one chance



This trend is cute!! 🥰 // Tag tc in the comments pls!! // With: @bradyae //


💜🦋Quick Toilet Clean Only Using 2 Products💜🦋#HotwireHotelGoals


this trend is so cute


outfit of the day 🥀


i need one too //


You’re breathing again?


follow for part 2


a change in scenery from your average lifeguard WALK video


I came to visit my friend reed but he wasn’t here 😔



comment ur bday and try to find ur twin


sum1 take this hat from me


my camera was freaking out! 👀


Ima spin da RBs block again


A little peak into our life… 🧍🏻‍♀️


bf part 2



white eyeliner has my 🤍


Reply to @devin.garvey still haven’t found a husband🐠


balls :)


I miss the rage


his best angle


in the jungle 🐸




what month did you get?🧐


Women and men!!




Yesterday was amazing ✨🥂



Honestly it’s fine


Paul pub


1864 or modern day kath?


we love and back amanda for hot girl summer





Life lesson 101


i might take a break until i’m unshadowbanned bc i work hard on thease and no one sees them ||


Bon Jovi Patel


Please follow on Instagram ➡️ Djjoiya


Eat, play, sleep, repeat. 👌


Tysm for 180k!! 🥰 // I love this audio sm😍 // Tc: ? //



ik I’ve used some of these videos but people were asking 🐛


colorado gang wya ?


Who doesn’t love food


soon🥰😘 #fypp #CompleteMyLook #SimlishSessions #makemefamousverypls #HotwireHotelGoals


literally feels like a movie falling in love with him ❤️


with @koristutorials061 tryna learn a dance turn into the remix 😭


#fypp #CompleteMyLook #SimlishSessions #makemefamousverypls #HotwireHotelGoals


#fypp #SimlishSessions #CompleteMyLook #makemefamousverypls #HotwireHotelGoals





Gym shenanigans




Reply to @emilyspam92 sorry it’s out of time