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Cmt where u think our outfits r from?! @aniela.official


Baby sloth vibes! 🦥✌🏼#WhatWouldHarleyDo



Day 1 in Hawaii 💗🥰


Thicker than snicker


Building Pecs 101






Just made a new dance😱


I have to keep my shirt on at the gym unfortunately


My heart was pounding out of my chest. Help her find me 🙏🏻


😆 Dc: @ya.girl.bri.bri97



(70%) 😁





Stone Mountain Park. Beautiful Day


Yo era el palito 🥺


I love learning new languages




everybody has imperfections, be confident in whatcha got ✨ w/ boutinela


Oh, I forgot.....#thatsmytype


Always remember to love yourself first!!!



Just cuz I felt cute today


Don’t let theses haters get to y’all on here


I promise I could not hear the audio next time I’ll be in sync :)


Some more body positivity on the fyp because it’s much needed.


𝐼𝑛𝑐𝑎𝑠𝑒 𝑠𝑜𝑚𝑒𝑜𝑛𝑒 𝑛𝑒𝑒𝑑𝑠 𝑖𝑡! 💜


Thank me from me 🥰


Nothing on the internet is real, love urself.


We hope our Self Love Crystal Candle can inspire love within you. 🤍


Unbothered as always queens 😇✨


Old video! Kinda sad it’s gonna start getting cold soon bc then no more bikini videos 🥺


That was so bad🗿#fyp


Watch until the end! 🙏






Wanted to try the trend😁#DoPacSun


Thank u guys🥺#20k


It’s called ✨tough love✨#DiceRoll


didn’t want the pjs to fool ya


100% plastic free only bc I’m broke


For shits and giggles! Hope you get a laugh out of it!


We both need to strive through the difficult moments 🌤


Remember when this was a trend?




(Draft) 💖💖💖💖




Happy to be back in a bikini lol, what are your “New Years resolutions” ?


I’m happy because my time at the gym has been paying off. I feel motivated bc my coach is proud of me😁


These men stay ✨pressed✨


untouchable but you feel this


Help a girl out🥰 @jerseybirdofficial



No more pity parties. Show me your model face!


daily message from me to my badonker





Plz go outside today if you haven’t already💕


feeling beautiful


good morning 🥰




Your opinion is the only opinion that matters!!



Feeling cute this morning


self love for today:))


see everyone in Julyyyy 😜


give yourself the love you crave from someone else, it will heal you.


take ya mornin p00ps and slay the day🤌🏽


We can agree to disagree 😉



with @stephaniemaly81 I love this woman! She is “on point”! You gotta love you more! Choose to be happy!


NOT ALL MEN are like this, but I felt this really resonated with me and my ED and self confidence issues


Always remember you’re so incredibly beautiful with and without makeup!!!


Re-did it because I left out the smiling clips in the last one 🙂


treatment 4! 18 and older!


Quit real bodies!!



I’ma be a single bad b!tch forever! TAG YOUR FAVORITE BAD BISH!💅🏼 song credit: @officialsaweetie @dojacat 💖



😭😭😭 Be nice!


I think I do it wrong 😅


Credit to @graceblair_0625



so sad we can’t see ourselves the way others see us


Sorry tree


this journey has its ups & downs..


Take a good look at who you keep around you!


Let’s talk SPF ☀️


Picnic with the girly


I rly wanna learn asl


Love this!!!


Got some new clothes


This is me!!!


Thanks for 200k😘


Lovin on me today



POV: you’re Michelle and I’m holding you hostage😂 


Magst du dich so wie du bist? 🥰




have a great day


Self care afternoon 🛁✨🧚🏽‍♀️#selfcare


10/10 recommended confidence boost


Self love... 🌸💗🔮 @lizzo



The key is


Like this if you love your body


you are beautiful 🌸



self love challenge 💖


posting this cause I hate the way my butt looks today hahah ig: genna_barton_


sending some LOVE to all the HATERS ig: genna_barton_


A trend is a trend right? 🥴#ColorCustomizer




Doubleeee uploaddd for yalll❤️🥺#trends





Real skin is beautiful skin


i was gonna do tiktoks in the rain today but it stopped raining so y’all get frat boy content ig: genna_barton_




Facts on facts on facts 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼



So happy where I’m at & where I’m going 🤍


pause to read 🤍


This one is for all my baddies that think they can’t follow the lowrise pant trend


In case you needed to hear this today: you are amazing!🧡


It’s me


Feelin pretty confident today 😄


Be your cheerleader & best friend!🧡


Bloat or no bloat we still bad asf 😝 @mayasoufii




No rhythm boys😂🥲


Anyone else know this feeling? 😔


me eating edit @pappiiq2


Reply to @dikoypers guess where it all went bb ;)



Ma formula is unique shaa


You need to see this. Yes, you! ❤️


Bruh I can’t dance


shed the old you and enlighten your new power






Never miss an opportunity to auto compliment everyone, including myself


Wait till the end 🙃 pretty sure I don’t got much rhythm anymore….


the lyrics were written for you ✨


I’m not sure I like how it makes my calves look...


متى اطلع اكسبلور 🥺🥺🍒#اكسبلور


متى اطلع اكسبلور 🥺🥺🍒#اكسبلور



Ironic 🤔


Don’t be scared to be yourself. You are beautiful — in every way!✨


Ig: camacho_paulina



Feeling much better 😏


I needed work out 🥺


When just walking naturally... 🚶🏾‍♀️🚶🏾‍♀️😂😂#chitoka


Daily reminder 🤎🤎 🤎


Give them somethin to talk about! 🥰💪🏻👑🔥


Where is the lie


People that make you doubt your worth aren’t worth your time.✨✌🏼🌿


Yay for self love @_grap3.theory_


remember to love yourself, today & everyday. take care, angels. xx ♬ ☁️


My water bottle is more useful than any guy 🥰


give yourself the same kindness you expect from others☁️


You are good enough. Don’t believe anyone that makes you doubt that!✌🏼 🌿


Back with another PSA!


Clearly, you needed a little reminder.✨


You cracked and I snapped! 💋


When I can get there, you can, too. Never give up — You are amazing!✨



So, this is my body.


Me decían que estaba gorda💛🤍


Follow me for more.


Just out here vibin


Something you didn’t know…


Monday motivation


What life is about part 1 ❤️#fyp


Friendly reminder


Like what y’all running from#DenimYourWay


I wanna learn to edit my videos suggestions ?




Big body benz remember I use to be dusty!


all ways are beautiful ladies!! strut your stuff baddies


It’s not your fault that you can’t relax. Our society doesn’t want you to


It’s not your fault that you can’t relax. Our society doesn’t want you to


i hope you’re proud of me @taylorswift 😌 (this isn’t totally intended as a but if this is how the love of my life finds me i won’t say no 😜)



Kalau suda ada, disyukuri keberadaannya dan dijaga. Kalau belum ketemu, semoga segera ketemu, ya.


To be honest I love seeing all people feel confident and love themselves. ❤️


Höst edition


Self love is the best love.



I raise bleeding heart liberals ❤️


In a world full of b!tches, be a bad one💅🏼 TAG YOUR BESTIE!💖 inspired by @nisa’s video


12am tingz



Pro-Tipp: Mach, was sich gut für dich anfühlt. ❤️ mit @vitosch456


I am ✨woman✨


Ennai vendaraye ✨❤️😉🦋#trend


Good morning and happy Black Friday🥳 Tiktok inspired by @Leena Angel 🔥✨


What is perfect?


Don’t love if it costs self-respect.


We accept the love we think we deserve.


I already know 👌 let them talk ❤️