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Q: Hoe was jullie eerste schooldag ? 😘❤️ A: bij mij suuuper leuk 😁


Four days till schools back😱😴


straight facts



Dog Etiquette 101 - Presentation Day! 🐶🎓


i jumped in a freezing pool for this don’t let it flop!


Doggy Sneakiness Test! 🐾


Anyone else have these teachers?


MOVIE:96 PART 19:kolupedutha kaludha😏#series


I was told to do a video in this outfit again😳




È il vostro ritorno a scuola com’è stato?💥Rispettiamo le norme! 👀


goth struggles


The conyo group mate 😅😆 @rainmatienzo


like and comment for part 2, it’s literally insane


When they just repeat the question. 🍎


my week at school ✌️#duet


my short term memory is ✨non existent ✨#fy


Crush, ano naaaa. 🙃 HAHAHAHAH


True story 😂


Baddie tips for school🙌💸#fyp


when you can’t meet the word count 🥲#schoolhacks








i had exams today🤦🏽‍♀️🤦🏽‍♀️😓


This didn’t turn out well


Just the two of us 🥰


with @jimchuong the book changed my life and made me realize I didn't hate learning, I hated being fed lies in a prison


Fr tho😬😩


Who can relate??!!


So fkn repetitive


Reply to @bxlla...fanpage 😂🤣


Leave a comment if you like it.


Reply to @azhar576 If you see this on the fyp comment “Barcode”.#excel


How school really feels😄. @thecoldestwater @menofthecoldest


A lovely message for my geography and history teacher 👨🏻‍🏫😉#study 


ew yea the ppl at my school r gonna flame me for this one lolz



betting more people from school will find this 😃


Are there bullies in your school ?


Back at it again


Детство - детство ты куда спешишь? 🖤#grindcore



All in one week🤚🏾🙄



no cap😂😂




Please don't pick me😂.


with @kadenmackay


How to make money in school 📚


i swr it’s the worse subject😒



Get shrekt 🥴#dayinmylife





3 Websites to Pass School!


Obsessed with this sound 🍼


Every stundents be like



Got any.. grapes?



What woke you do ? 😇😏


@stela_petrova405 @stelamilusheva1


memorizing hack⚡️


in my apple bottom jeans 😗




I hope this day never comes😭#переписка


Era entrata la collaboratrice scolastica😂 @ilenia_principe



Part 3- Forced Vaccinations. Dont think the goverment is NOT going to make you get it.


Golden Days of School🥺❤️Miss you schoolwala Yaar❤️ @kishan_mishra3


@biskvitka_ @dara.985 @stela_petrova405 @stelamilusheva1 @esinahmed1 @user93971003184p




MY JAM !!!!


Don’t go to school ig 😅👍🏽



main character


Student got next level attitude!!


I drove out of that parking lot so fast.


just jokes 😭


this shouldn’t be funny 😭


IB @trevbunch ty @mkmoderate for sending me the inspiration


every English teacher 😂 cr: @liamkalevi


every English teacher 😂 cr: @liamkalevi


Sad life


He thought he would be safe




since school is coming up again.. :(


The last one was always the worst. 😩


This one was very dramatic 😂


Real ones tucked it in the waistband


Thanks Mom 🐶




always that one kid 😭


Absolutely Not !!!!




Ugh I’m trying to study


scared for school a bit ☹️


Back to school lunches!


run #fyp #school


Texas check in👉🏽#fypシ


Calling teachers by their real names!


i’m glad i graduated so i don’t have to witness any of this😭



TW: BLOOD⚠️#confessions


Waiting for you after school 💕


Y’all be mad weird


in honor of everyone going here’s the video that went viral of me walking my chicken 🐔


Sorry for disappearing on y’all😭🔥I’ll be posting later in the day because of school🙃💗#fypシ


🗿#fyp 🗿


How to hack school 🤝😂


ma dawg💯💯


romanticizing school


يحدث الان😞


For my CUNY kids


top 3 donda playing rn



Would I 🌚


I got my homework done atleast


“Dylan Dylan”


Always doing the most lmaoo


Always doing the most lmaoo


هذا البروجيكت لعيونكم 😅🔥 | شاركوا ف هاشتاق نشوف ابداعكم |


This life hack made turning pages so much easier


Caught em red handed




prank lu sklh di jepang


laugh out loud


We all use to laugh at this video but now I just feel his emotions and everything :/


vamos a la escuela 🥸


The principal never seen it comin 😹


Homework Tips


Can turn any great mood bad


Had to be said 🤷🏾‍♂️




Imma get my 3 points one way or another




2000 IQ 💪😏






Помощ 😩


before you ask I'm in a girl-school<3


before you ask I'm in a girl-school<3


before you ask I'm in a girl-school<3


before you ask I'm in a girl-school<3






good afternoon



We all have that one friend, and the fact that I’ve seen sooo many🙄


Je veux juste y arriver




That last one tho🥴


It’s been done 😈#fyp


Is he right? 🤔 sound credits @tinh gameplay via (yt/alphabanane2)


only took 4 weeks @maryloses


only took 4 weeks @maryloses


only took 4 weeks @maryloses


lowkey tho




obsessed with the sound


Today was senior citizens day at school 😭#viral


Teacher VS Student😡#foryou


Teacher VS Student😡#foryou


is soooo just sooo






Every freakin year...



My classmate😳#fyp


Блин, кайфую с этого видео✊🏼🥺



School be so dead😭💯


Spanisch lehrer sind die verrücktesten ich sag’s so wie es ist😂


All of them be white too LMAO


All of them be white too LMAO


I stan this man 😂😂 ( Via: @Blaze T )


What a legend no one got hurt no dangerous acts everything is staged


I rlly do be acting like I’m failing


I love her, she is so funny


I love her, she is so funny


이거 엄청 어려워


School is slowly dragging me down


The Sexiest P.E Teacher Of Hemel School.


,,wir müssen aufs klo"


How teachers Stop BuIIies at School 🤣 @Cult 22


i love waiting for my daily fit check


The only award I ever got at assembly





La dernière phrase à méditer.. 🧠


Sick don’t mean unable to enjoy life 🙄🙄🙄🤞🤞🤞





Fun is over, my Iawyer will hear about this 😡


Fun is over, my Iawyer will hear about this 😡


Can I go viral 🥺#viral


Can I go viral 🥺#viral



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