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@quayaustralia 🖤




Me in middle/hs like.


shoutout to all my kids that told me Happy Mother’s Day yesterday.My son really made me the happiest tho.


Peace out 🪦🤍





winner winner


I’m obsessedwith this purple dress if you hadn’t noticed 😬


when 9 months before your birthday is your sisters birthday


GRWM ❤️ thank you to everyone whos been supporting and defending me! Love you all.


with @0gmafia


jk not gonna happen @quinncarlo3 😂


can’t tell if i look good in hats 😭😫🙌🏼


it’s a bathing suit calm down tiktok


they wild



He be working


2 bottles of vino in... So close you could almost taste it😭



she’s killing me


Mother’s Day fit from yesterday


Which artist should I do next? 😅



dinner fit 😫🙌🏼🌺


i felt like this sound was just calling my name tbh


@shein_official @romweofficial


this haircut gave me POWER❤️#SipIntoSummer


Makeup will fix the problem


Creeper Cattle always looking to feed!


fresh out of bed vs ten minutes later








This song


Daft of this video the you guys like so much ! 🥰


Finally posting again for the first time in weeks😅


Obsessed with this sound 🍼


Shawty, what is your name?


but what is your name? 🤔


Well maybe not


IM DYING || random tags


Obsessed 🤩


Me + me forever 💕


just a word of advice😇😘


can’t make this up🤦🏾‍♂️




It got deleted at 29k run it back up


collab with @cleaningmommy22 💕 go follow and show support :)


Tips from one hour kinda hits different


Tell em wazzzzuuppp


This sound is perfect for me hehe


Hehe last one... maybe


Reply to @tuffthats4 pt 4 @lydia.mae13


my videos keep getting taken down







i suck at dancing


My insomnia says hi


happy hump day


FACTS, who are you/partner?


okay i’m ready for tell em to drop ||









peep my mans hat