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Help me get him back, we miss you @prestonleon5 😪


Rest in paradise, Naya 🤍🕊😔


Reply to @xxsynnzxx


Lil accident I had



May we never forget. #2763





theyllllllll get ya 😂😊🥲


he knew...


RIP pico 🥺


The amount of people that ask me too is wild


(Flash Warning!!) I can’t imagine what she must be feeling:( I feel so bad.


Made this after crying bc i saw F&F 7 for the first time ever 🥺💗💋




Love that for me


Vous avez un crush ?


@them and if u don’t got anyone @ ur 6 @


I had to live through this nightmare everyday of the 5 month lockdown 🤪


burying tanner later tonight😞...




Like wtf does that mean?


Exploding peoples 🥜till I reach 10k @juniorrivard @tonydragon2007


Juice Wrld before and after eating hot wings


@motheperson17 @tygetheperson4




don't touch her💯💯


the original sound got deleted 😐 rip that


mans had no match against klee🤣🤣🤣🪦‼️





rest in paradise pudgy🕊-


@pudgywoke one last owa owa💔😞


Yeti cups just hit different ig




عبارات❤️‍🔥🫀 ؟#اكسبلور





على االف متابع ✨🐼


he was so talented 🐐🕊#lljw


If you mess with one, you get all.


Rip my brothers


Forever in our hearts and minds🕊🇺🇸.


The videos of Sergeant Nicole Gee’s Memorial on Camp Lejeune yesterday.


Rip George Carlin 💔


Reply to @godfkndamnitdave @good.vibez4200 some answers to the same questions I keep getting asked about @officialmothersjourney


Reply to @dabbindeclabee420 @officialmothersjourney






Happy birthday Paul Walker❤️


Gave up on this edit was gonnna make it longer but fuck it#🚬🗿🧑🏾‍🌾


Lmao mouse


Reply to @dilf6969 oh good.







Ca sĩ Hồng Ngọc - Lễ Tang Ns Phi Nhung tại Mỹ#🙏🙏🙏


Linken Park ist und bleibt LEGENDE!


⚠️TW⚠️ Her last days.. I originally started making this compilation because I always reminded her she’s a cat.. 🥺 07/18/20-10/19/21



i start giggling and swinging my feet. "how would ___ feel abt this?"





Not my best edit


Not my best edit


RIP TJ🙏🏽🕊️#ASOSChaoticToCalm


Er hat es erfahren...



RIP Dodge or RIP Chicken


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