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This one might get me cancelled but I had to say it.


Pt 2. Gender @therepublicanhypehouse


The gender pay gap hype is 💵🥱


Believe all women? 🤔


Focusing on the important stuff 👌🏻


Coming from a 4th year college science major...weird. 🤔





Can they take a joke though?



I’m going to lose so many followers... oh wait... I hardly have any 😂


... just saying. follow my insta in my bio!


Teach men to be men!


u cant change my mind🤷🏼‍♀️


Justice for Jaxon


modern feminism part 1


why I hate modern feminism part 2


Yes, I said pretty.


Reply to @maryandgary why I hate modern feminism part 3 💋


Stop telling me I’m a victim. There are sexist people here but NOT sexist “systemic oppression”🙄


I said what I said.


Facts over feelings


Got my account back but I still think this point is relevant @siennamae #ZodiacSign



PLS why are their tears so yummy 👁👅👁



Go on, go apply ❤️


Let me hear the RED TRAIN❤️


with @cheeky_indy_rn


I say no to modern day feminism.


with @somepoliticaldude


Note word: minimum.


so thankful to be here, u should be too. Or leave.


the right to life triumphs bodily autonomy.









We are not the same and it’s a shame.


Tired of these gun leftists reducing my tragedy to a talking point


Reply to @thepinkscare


Reply to @samielynnex



with @tank.sinatra


It got taken down within 20 seconds of me posting it the first time. Get y’all’s heads out of the gutter. This is ridiculous.


I found the Liberal theme song! 🤣


I live in a different state, but I hope she becomes Cali’s governor!


just satire, it's a joke! 😎#america


If this offends you...




Reply to @user3127590 please seek a news source other than CNN 😬


bye Karen


Follow my Twitter / Insta for more facts and logic 🤯🤯


SAVAGE! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Just cause you make bad choices in men doesn’t make all bad






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Reply to @marineeetremblay



Reply to @howeitworks


Why are the pink hats letting this happen?



more like a hypocrite, but sociopath works too✌️


Reply to @jkirksey0727






it really do be like that sometimes 😕


They need 🤓🤓.






Previously banned this is my account now





with @loonysky I said what I said 🤷🏻‍♀️


Reply to @thepaleoguy



Reply to @ferg_mullen





Republicans are racist!!!


@allegra.leggie.legs problem solved


What?! It’s true



Top 3 reasons to go to a rally...





Wake up babes




The “bad mom” phase is over girlie. Pack it up go raise your children



they are forcing us to divide!




Don’t come for my throat this is a joke.


with @blackkout___ conspiracy or obvious? I wouldn’t put it past those conservative shrivs.



Look at that robot walk! 🤖




We just need to outlast them


Lots of accidents! When are you going to ?!



Judge Jeanine stuns crowd with her call for ACTION. 🇺🇸



They said fine we’ll use it how we want though😂


CDC wants to kill us!


Mother arrested for not putting mask over her nose. Heavy police presence or it.




The true meaning of the word Pandemic in 2021. Asians are funny 😂


sad but true😂






What’s up with that? 🤨📸


I need my glasses to see better👌


“Your daddy voted for Biden..” 🤣






this sound has potential


Caught at 9/11 ceremony before cameras arrived



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