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Backhanded compliments


true story 🤷🏼‍♀️



I took a nap 😴


i was gonna tell you after you asked the 27265th time 🙄


hot Cheetos smackkk #MakeBakeShake



Her face at the end, she knows she’s the boss


I CAN’T believe he WON’T admit it!


Like this video if you have a big butt!


she later said they’ll return u either way bc you are emotional :)


Lol I hate when this happens


its 2 in the morning.


Why did I make this?



Where are my wifey material girls at?😜


Watch til the end 🤭


my short term memory is ✨non existent ✨#fy


Does this happen to anyone else?



Hits hard...#anime


Jk I like em thiccc


Learn how to be silence even you got a lot to say..


with @coolgirl090995 This is my hidden talent. 🍑


I swear she leaves that water on 1000 degrees 😫



This used to happen all the time


is it just me ORRRRRR 😣


It’s all fun and games until she brings out a chinela 😬


Knocks you out in seconds 👨🏿‍🦱🥊


Feeling myself😳🙈#fyp


click the (+) for more 🤩




Not that good at handstands🥱 


These all too accurate



I just embarrassed myself😝 


Not that much 🍑 but anyways 


Lmao sum1 teach me how to do this Bc idk 


Leave your true opinion on this


Mom just doesn't care😅.


A constant conversation I have with my family 🤣


When I wake up I’m deleting this ASAP! 😂#trending 


Eat it up😉 (draft) 


Copy link? Btw this is a draft. 


How school really feels😄. @thecoldestwater @menofthecoldest


Should I do more videos like this yes or no? 


which one is better


Its not for me😅


It’s one of the worst feelings ever


Sum1 Requested me to turn around to this trend...


I named it Abi along time ago 🙄😝


Family vacation part 2- the morning of. 😬


Who can relate😂


sc- @gijsroelofsen



Or is it just Gollum cosplay








If makeup shades were named after people’s descriptors PART 10 👀




When it’s time to head to the gym...🤭


Rs bruh💯🖤



Always remember your worth




My biggest fear TBH 💀😩 anyone else check this a million times? @madisonti





the boys wont like this one


Had to get your laundry cleaned 🧼 


Tag that simp👇🏻🥰


Please don't pick me😂.


If I ever said this.. 😅




with @deeeven this is obviously just a joke


To ligma or not to ligma, that’s the question


What you guys kno about ninjago🥋🔥


Reply to @pallie38 just reposted it😴#2pac


Me if I was alive in 1700s... ✒️




now I'm curious.🥴








it’s always the same question: who?


Children roles: Youngest child always wins in the end..


s/out to my guy friends for all the advice😄🤣


yeah :( -


It’s all about ✨PERSPECTIVE✨ 🤣 @kairocalvitto


Over her😒 @elisabethangelicaa


Who else can relate ?


What’s my petty level at? ib: @brentandmir


Pokažimo koliko smo jaki!Glasajte za naše Uraganke! Redni broj 8. ❤️ insta: @arsaovde




Pokažite ovaj video svojim roditeljima 😂 insta: @arsaovde


Dont take it too serious...


Tagujte takvu osobu u komentarima 🤩 inst4gram: @arsaovde


Loosely based on a true story


ROAD TO 400K👑❤️#fypシ


same goes with kdrama/webtoon haha


Tag your bf/gf if they’re guilty😂


tell me you’re in a long distance relationship without telling me you’re in a long distance relationship haha🍦


Facts or nah?😭🇲🇽@paulinacuriel_


LMAO what COVID was new


my family: 🧍🧍‍♀️🧍‍♂️


Audio credit: Travis Jeffries⬅️🎙#fyp


Wait for the end... 🤣


Don’t go to school ig 😅👍🏽


I feel called out too🗣


Comment “scrolling” if you can relate 😂


Audio credit: @_aviwizwer⬅️🎙#fyp


Audio credit: @emilywking⬅️🎙#fyp




Capping about the girl part😙😬#NightDoneRight


im a good person i swear




Student got next level attitude!!


iPhone front camera be the worst 😂😭


ill be honest, this is soo german XD




yes sir


Tag that friend 😂


I swear she’ll have five conversations in one sentence


@whitebrim 🥰 -


Like uh uh baby this not gone work


Commeif this happened to you too


Not at all




Parents don’t ever want to be in the wrong🤣🤣#mom


Anime slander pt.2😈🍥😤




You’re breathing again?




Reply to @x.s33ty..q78t.x


:(( 🎆🎇


i can post now :)




Reply to @nqni.w


with @_strawberry.babie_ this was ment for you comadres🪄🧙‍♀️#fyp


It’s just something about walking down from the top row


Dumb Things People Say (Part 10)


Watch Til End 😂 Thank Me Later 💀 (backup @notblikejay)


The struggle is real 😅


By the time I find she gone 😭




with @aiden_m365 @prestigeworldweyed & @claireimaginarium


Comment RELATABLE one letter a time!


When grandparents ask you to turn up the volume on the computer.



Dumb Things People Say (Part 11)



Key Word: “Act”


Second viral post🤷🏾‍♂️


Tag your person ❤️



Who’s friends did this to them? 😂



So true 😂🥺


hahaha oops 🙊 better go to the mall I guess *tiktok it’s a bikini don’t take this down*






Follow for more!




pov you broke off a fwb bc you literally had to beg to be kissed…


Sometimes I love myself, sometimes I don't.


Had to look left cuz these hoes ain’t right 🖕🏾#foryoupage


took until 20 to accept it hahaha



Lose my appetite


last post got sh*dowb*nned because of my clothes so check it out :)


Reply to @nocturnal_signal really?! My biggest fears confirmed 😭🥺🤯


It just makes sense


[[email protected]]


[[email protected]_yammm]


why are you booing me, i’m right!!


i wish.


I know I’m not the only one who can relate to this!


i’ve been hit or almost hit by cars too many times :’)


This is the main reason why we don’t cross our legs 😂😂


On my way bestie! 😂😂👀 @highschoolsweetthearts



Girl same 🤣


No 🍑 but thighs😔


this is NOT about my dad by the way


Hit the (+) for constant motivation




Game over.


rereading old texts usually ends with me being sad tho <3


What bunnies are thinking 24/7...


I felt this on a different level @postmalone ❤️






Focus in urself kings👑



the phantom drip 💧



shadow banned maybe 😞


Read it again




Hit the (+) if you toxic 😈


Tag that Girl


W for u, L for her


Save this just in case


kiz ma azz 🤪❤️💅🏻




@bryceboiii u kno😭🤷🏾‍♂️


He’s devoloped a crackataria and I relieved it


Pls don’t learn the hard way.


how is it always like this



Tag that Girl


Imagine credit: @wwilllizzz


Ofcourse, why not [Vc:@bts_official_bighit]


like my post on ig😔


Boys lmk what I’ve missed 🙏🏽


Think about it


Now she has to suffer again







This is a true brother👑


“Why is your foot backwards?”


Send this to your bestie 👑


Issa joke bc I will throw hands... and call backup 😛


The end though 👀


This audio 🙌🏼


follow me on Instagram: itsherantdez Part 15.


with @elizabethintheory Like if this applies to you boys


Read that again


Remember boys remember


this one’s on her for believing me, i’m a TERRIBLE liar


One of my favourite quotes from my book ✨ (link in bio)


What do you want to see me do with one leg?


Simply... I love you ❤️


Where my overthinkers at?


Hey, I guess they think you’re short 🤷‍♂️#vibe


Which one are you?! 😂 @officiallydiidii @nuryskm


every stretch mark & all . 😌


every stretch mark & all . 😌


Instagram: itsherantdez Part 16.


ib: @dumb libra


Who can relate?


لـيش مزعليهه💔💔.



Well that's just awkward


When I'm used to being alone. We no longer need love.#anime


if anything it makes it worse💀


Straight facts😤 @hals.0416


i have beef with the walle movie but the sound is cute


Teachers in the future be like💃🏼😂✨





I DEFINITELY did this! Anyone else?! @@yobreathstinkay



Happens everytime 😭


This is a joke ….


Teach her a lesson


someone had to say it


يجماعة عدكم واحد زين ننتخبة لو تيتي مثل ما رحتي 🙂💔#duet



Who can relate? 🤣


I’m still cute tho


heal first 😘 .



it really be like that


Moms can be intimating sometimes 😬


Could u? 😑




chota dil vadda lun 🥴


The most requested vid in a long time... 🤣


🤓 📚




Keepin it REAL: YOUR beautiful without filters bb, pass it on 💜


When she tells you her story 😕😔#fyp


When she tells you her story 😕😔#fyp


When she tells you her story 😕😔#fyp



Always just a tad too late😭😭


Always just a tad too late😭😭




At least she has a big heart 😂


“Excuse me sir this fell off”😂😂 Credits: @superpsycho19


insta: itsherantdez 🌙 Part 17.







i really shouldn’t stay


finding a mate lol


finding a mate lol


Every time


Every time


Cures the boredom too


now he doesn’t lift his leg when he tinkles


the one time im praying a video doesn’t blow up


It be like that sometimes 😅😂


ща будут палками бить💌




Fr #anime #relatable #weeb 🤓 #lunar16 #waifu #weeblife #otaku #normie #leave #naruto #onepiece #bleach #aot #fy #breakingbad #fr #mom #viral #dad




Our Hoyo’s really be doing the most😭


This is great😂 Credit: @johnmarcvanwyk3




We back! 🙏


Please go follow the gram ❤️


This is so true


Wait till the end🤣


Only if you want to😘


keep that same energy stank 😒