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Hi I’m Nahlla, this is my new channel. 😉


Has this ever happened to you? 😭




Go out and play




Wasn’t him


my puppy wasn’t cooperating



best part of my day 🥰



He still does this with his paws 😍


Following in his dad's foot steps 😍❤️ If you could change Spuds name what would it be 👀🐶❤️❤️


He only understands one voice



How amazing is this dog and cats friendship? 😭❤️


Aren’t they just the cutest pair? ❤️


Nellie montage~ (she is only 4 months and a pembroke welsh corgi) ✨|



Proof that puppies learn to eat by watching their mom do it! ❤️


I will always woof you


Alaska cute as hell 😭


They are more than perfect 🥰😍 do you agree?


I'm just a sweepy baby @jonklaasen @elyssajoy_ 🐾❤️


Trying to break free


He didn’t let me get him 😭


Brotherly love ❤️


meet maiden x


Cute dog does a steal


Aw this is so cute!


Since the first video blew up and everyone wanted a pt.2/reaction video here it is


Happy 1st birthday to our baby Bootsy 🎂


💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙 Queen Nala🔥🔥🔥 Instagram.com/primetimecanecorso



Little Dukie


It releases oxytocin 😎


Bathing my floofy potato for the first time 🥺🥔


dogs are so cute 🥺 dog eats a frog!!!




Sleepy boi



What is my life


Got my one year old female a boyfriend, this was their introduction❤️




100% effort VS 1% talent


Turbo likes to fly


Just an excuse to post good puppy content


Rufus and his lip 😍




Wait for it....




She loves playing with the hose so we bought her a water fountain


His smile is contagious because he’s panda-emic 🐼😉


She came to get me and stayed while I fed the baby Bc she misses her puppies🥺#fyp


We haven’t quite got barking yet.



Erstes Video🌸Suki und Hazel 😊


Am big gurl now 🧸



Suki 7 Monate 🐾🥰 Habt ihr Hunde?🥰#schlemmerei


They become best friends😍💙.


He’s like a little teddy bear 🥺🤣


Aww cute🦋🐾🥰#firsttiktok


Splish splash... I hated my bath 🤪🥺


The ultimate boop🐶


That fall them eyes🤣👀💙.


when he goes peepee in the wrong place :(


Best day!



I got a puppy behind my parents back lmao😂


...no regrets🤪🥳🥰🥺


Such a kind Soul 😇


When someone asks me what I am doing all day


“Don’t crate the dog,” they said. “It’ll be fine,” they said.


Wait for it Me when bae is not giving me attention for a moment


I pretended to get abducted by aliens🤣💙.




love the way he chews ❤️


Our memories up to now Paddington Bear 🐻🐶❤️


12 months young legal lion puppy more updates coming soon


Don’t let this flop, he was so nervous!



our newest family member, Baymax! 🐶 @treybeckham


we brought home a new member of the family today 🥺🐾


E ainda faz farra 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️😅


Sold my refrigerator


sad girl hours




What would you do in this situation?#hasky


Cat is pretty interested in what we brought home.




I’m just gonna leave this here😂💀 @kaitlynlongovich



Wait for the drop 🐻🕶


There’s no love greater than a dad and the puppy he didn’t want


2-days old.


Time to party 🥳




when I thought my corgi puppy wouldn’t be too crazy...


Which one is the cutest? The most voted one can be rewarded. ❤️


Lets go shopping !#PetStory


Haru is just one big cuddly bear


POV: when I promised mommy I wud sleep ins





Teaching puppy to leave crate takes patience



This is a Warning! He’ll come after you 😳



Best thing that ever happened to me🥺 She is my best friend!


Dramatic puppy the puppies are 3 now


Charlie (our current foster) really loves Jethro



my sweet Bailey had her 10 puppies while I had finals my sophomore year & we finally got to see each other 🥺💗


The jealously is real 💙💙



Leos big jump. Puppies of tik tok


Never double tap like me 🐶





Poof loves Dairy Queen 🍦


I alway choice my outfit✌️✌️✌️🤣🤣





Menchi the Papillon puppy.


Daunte is a Happy Pupper !!


Meet Daunte--caught in the act !!


The best alarm clock 😅🐶 (@kenzo.kim)


why does she do that?


the reason I smile ❤️


Lol this is adorable! 🥺😂


mather duck certainly didn't expect that a hound would protect her dog in the future❤❤#dog duckmom


Hiii 😊


The goodest boy


Fat boys teeth are coming!! Last part of the video is the cutest 🥺#mybigteetharecomingin


I can’t deal with how cute she is 😭


Did it work?


Gator 🐊


Did it work 👀


baby shark Hera 😂🦈


She’s more warthog than Pomeranian




He isn't that smort lol



Uhhh what just happened? 😱 (h/t fred035schultz/TW)


Finally home!! She couldn’t even wait at all to go for the run!


Hoy Kalma ha aprendido algo nuevo! 🐶



Mochi 🤣🤣


Shiro had enough


Tell us your pet’s fave snack so Violet can try it next! 🐶


Shiro sometimes glitches


conferindo aqui 👀😂



me and a puppy 🥰


They’re round likr balls ⚽️


The only one for me




I was going to say show everyone how you learned to go up the stairs, but he could barely get past the curb


This week Lou is on a shredding spree 😈🔥


share this with some friends! <3



Don’t touch me!#dog


Fiona "lil Fifi"


There’s nine of them 😭



Ain’t that the truth 😀


huskies are DRAMATIC


love you lil buddy❤️


Does Charlie need his own puppy friend? 🥺


Looks like a toy🙊🙊#cats


Marriage is the grave of love⚰️#laugh


Let’s count how many times my dog licked the inside of my mouth :)



He’s growing too fast 🥺



First trip to the pet store! 🥰


This had me dying😂


My heart is crying right now😭❤️ these two ladies are my everything.


Can yours do that?😡😛🥺🤪#pet


He really did the 🦗🦟#happydog


Well-behaved kitten🤗🤗#fyp


What should we do?😱😍


You guys need to apologize to each other 😩#dog


I fell asleep😴#dog


Sooo cute 🥰#dog


So little yet! Cute?#dog


she wouldn't let me do the video without her 😅


Puppy tragedy


on today’s episode of: if I fits, I swims


Time to open up an only paws 🐾 account🤣#doglover


Here he goes again 🙄


Thanks @cheerbleofficial for this ball 👌🏻


somehow im still not sick of this



The puppy is so cute🥰#dog


بضبطط وربب 😂😂💔.منشن البيست 😂#عيوشهہ


I’m loosing my mind over the tiny shoe#dog


His eyes 👁 👁


I think she’s broken


My heart 💙



Pup: I need to bite something!(credit:@jabenzimda)#dog



this set is so cute too bad I cant show it all here haha


Thanks Mom 🐶


Happy dance time😎😎😎


forever my first baby ❤️🐶


Hello 👋🏼


Aww so cute🥰#cutedog


my dog is buggin


points were made 😌





8 months together 🥰




they tried their best 😂


they tried their best 😂





i broke mom‘s phone#greenscreenvideo


Ihr könnten mich auch fregen oder nicht?


Our little nugget at 8 weeks old ⭐️


Sound on 🥺🔈



Watch out for the Kiko sneak attack 👀


Kiko showing his reflection some love ♥️


My baby 🥰


Shiro is the hero we all need


It’s a love/hate relationship with fruit 😁🍓♥️




Our very own Kiko-bear 🧸


new nails but who really cares bc look at my dog!! ✨


Puppy naps 🥺♥️


Uhhhmm 😳


now he doesn’t lift his leg when he tinkles


Having a malinois is fun… and very exciting 😂#fyp


Did it work? 🥰


Comment how you got your pet!