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if u don’t like this video that means u hate dogs so...



What is my life



Isolation things 🙌🏻 @life_of_rylee



My beautiful wildflower 🌻#fyp


Annie Mae 🧡


The ultimate boop🐶


Such a kind Soul 😇


“Don’t crate the dog,” they said. “It’ll be fine,” they said.


Our memories up to now Paddington Bear 🐻🐶❤️


He wasn’t very fond of the cold and it wasn’t that cold out but don’t worry guys he got warmed up



Surprising my dog with a pool has been the highlight of my weekend


They see me rollin.....


watch argos grow. 🤘


There’s no love greater than a dad and the puppy he didn’t want



POV: when I promised mommy I wud sleep ins


The dog drops me like chopped liver when he gets home.


Soooo I surprised my husband with...


3 different dogs from 3 different tables came to say hi!


Dramatic puppy the puppies are 3 now


Puppies!!!! Cane Corso puppy’s are the cuties little things! @khancorso


The jealously is real 💙💙


Leos big jump. Puppies of tik tok




Fiona "lil Fifi"


I think lil bro got me beat🤧


Ain’t that the truth 😀


Sleepy sleepy pup!


This had me dying😂


My heart is crying right now😭❤️ these two ladies are my everything.


on today’s episode of: if I fits, I swims


Still a puppy lol#puppytiktok


Watch out for the Kiko sneak attack 👀


Kiko showing his reflection some love ♥️


Grow up with me?


It’s a love/hate relationship with fruit 😁🍓♥️


Our very own Kiko-bear 🧸