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you are beautiful


Babies have made their arrival!


You can tell she is over this 😂


Wasn’t him



When your sibling won’t leave you alone 🔈 🐶🐶



When you’re just waitin at the vet & someone brings in 2 buckets of puppies


🐾Dogs morning routine! Had to cut out most of the cleaning and after they eat they all come play inside 🙃



We were driving and saw all these puppies!!!



A year with Mulligan! 🥰🐾


Best Buds!


You won’t believe what we found ❤️😢


Today is a wonderful day! ✨#puppy


They are more than perfect 🥰😍 do you agree?


Thicker than snicker


Meet 7/13 of the donut pups!!!


Just do it, trust me! :) 🐕#doggo


Cute dog does a steal


Aw this is so cute!


My girlfriend doesn’t know it yet but she has a late Valentine’s Day gift waiting for her when she gets home from work


Happy 1st birthday to our baby Bootsy 🎂


What love looks like 🥰🥰


When they all opened their eyes. At the end the lil bark 😍.


dogs are so cute 🥺 dog eats a frog!!!


Didi 🔥#foryou


Neighbors still won't fix damages!


CUTEST INTRO EVER 🥺 (via colocolo/TW)


12 !!




13 week old Aussie blue heeler pushin back 2 year old bulls on his own.




Got my one year old female a boyfriend, this was their introduction❤️



super slow mo Rottweiler 😍#rottweiler



This sound fit too well, so I had to reupload and add it.


Welcome Home 🤗


Rufus and his lip 😍


Wait for it....


She came to get me and stayed while I fed the baby Bc she misses her puppies🥺#fyp


Mans best fren 🐶🐾


We haven’t quite got barking yet.



My dogs love going for a boat ride to see their friend Franklin


They become best friends😍💙.


she got scared☹️


Dog Etiquette 101 - Presentation Day! 🐶🎓


My beautiful wildflower 🌻#fyp


Splish splash... I hated my bath 🤪🥺


Boom, puppies! 🐶 (Credit: @arrowwoodretrievers)


when he goes peepee in the wrong place :(


Awww his little jump into her arms 😊😍


Doggy Sneakiness Test! 🐾





love the way he chews ❤️




Don’t let this flop, he was so nervous!



E ainda faz farra 🤣🤦🏽‍♀️😅



Daddy meets the baby 🦏 for the first time!



They see me rollin.....


The babies in their nursery 🥰


5 pittys but only 3 wanted to be famous


2-days old.


He is everywhere, part 2


They melt me😩😍💙.


Cute little puppies



Puppies!!!! Cane Corso puppy’s are the cuties little things! @khancorso


Reply to @ktlmo How I train my dog to clean up. This took him about a week to master so be patient.


Prada’s Son Diamond!


So graceful





The cutest English bulldog 😍


3 of our 10 babies giving you their best first howls 🥺




Five week old papillon puppies.


I finally dressed Taco in a taco costume.




Menchi the Papillon puppy.


why does she do that?


I love them all so much




It’s bath time for stormy moss... he does not approve ....


Still a puppy lol#puppytiktok


Tom and puppies: my heart melts like snow at the sun🥺🥰#tomholland