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and here’s making fun of my faces when i try to sing the high notes in



no hate to elevator ofc if i could be louis tomlinsons beard i would🤩#larrystylinson


i hope you all cry like little babies cause I sure did while making this 🥺🥺


It’s always better when he’s smiling


Extraño demasiado estos momentos Larry.🥺💌




i never left and i never will 😀


you're at a party with one direction when...


Strong Acapella❤️



‘Shut up Niall’ 😂 Follow for daily 1D videos!


i taught him well pt 2




Ame hacer esto


la cara que puso porque louis no le dijo hareh 😭


Louis forgetting he’s on camera fonding over Harry 🙆🏼‍♀️




if you give him a chance He will take it 💙💚





HAHAHA || like & follow


i’m ready to busttttt


this is the end, is it?


Don’t blink





Pov: They are finally free


He was obviously talking about prince Harry... obviously.


Reply to @_harleen.h stay exicted.


Why nobody ever talks about this part in This is us?


Awwww, it so cute ❤


caring husband is the best




We love these


louis was always so sweet with harry🙁 i miss them sm lmao




If I Could Fly - One Direction |8d audio| -Always makes me cry :(


What in the wattpad pt.5 💙💚


My favorite 1D song 😭😭 thankful for this dc!!! UGHHH


harry babe... breathe💀


HAY pay attention to liam not the caption✋🙄#liampayne


niall singing his part in use somebody(kings of leon) is one of my favorite things




anyways 🤠 solo harries are just so toxic sometimes


bed! now! 😠


Tudo hino scr


I have some questions first of why HAIRY??😭🤡 and 1D?? 😳CUSHSGHAH AHHHHH


that’s just how it is..


THIS ERA everyone


iwwyas hits different


هل تحسبتوا على ساي*مون اليوم؟


i remade this edit bc i felt like it


I know we said goodbye but I didn’t know it was forever ♡



Do you happen to have a Band-Aid? ‘Cause I scraped my knees falling for you.


"if you think it's so funny, you can sing it"



and some people said they couldn't sing...




I educate them all




trust yourself.





Happy birthday Niall❤️ Our hot irish princess <3


@amalia.malik28 antworten For all Directioners❤️


this dance>


Apparently she heard it on the radio so she asked me because she knows I love Harry😩


clouds supremacy


help i can’t get it out of my head


they are so pretty 😭. RECOMIENDO HEADPHONES


my favorite friendship @liampayne


little boy:(


we’ve all done it



افضل انمي ؟


I am cringey