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some journalists that I love. Whitney Webb, Spiro, Ben Swann, James Corbett, Ice Age Farmer


Wow - very strange indeed. Reptilians. Entities which exists outside the visible light spectrum. Thoughts?


USA Collapsing


Tv programming Illuminate



Bad news for Germany‘s already slow rollout 😬


Sen. Rand Paul asks Dr. Fauci if wearing masks after being vaccinated is “theater.”


New setup 🎣🤩#setup


En esta semana se vienen muchos videos nuevos🙈






Forbidden places around the world




Disturbing video captures a standoff between police and children ages 12 and 14. @cbsthismorning





Big Pharma and Vaccines


By- Double down News ☢️


Duchess makes first comments on new daughter, says they haven't yet.


Nearly got her!


Federal judge dismisses lawsuit by some employees of a Texas hospital over requirement that workers get COVID vaccine.


President Biden visited the NATO 9/11 memorial to pay his respects before departing the NATO summit in Brussels on Monday



Federal Laws & Mandatory Vaccines


E voi l’avete sbloccata?🔥🤩


The nation is marking its newest national holiday today: Juneteenth.


And it brgins...


When Freedom Meets Conformity - Anti Mask


BREAKING: block reform bill, with vowing, “The fight is not over.”


History does repeat itself.



The US has bombed And Again!


Have you hear the term in your country? is



Fuck the FBI no 🧢



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Victor Oquendo reports from Florida as authorities release 911 calls from witnesses and people who were trapped in the condo collapse.


Senators Schumer, Wyden and Booker have drafted a plan to end the federal ban on cannabis.


Several European countries were heavily hit by floods



Jeff Bezos tells CBS News that his successful Blue Origin spaceflight was a “humbling” experience.


Jeff Bezos tells CBS News' Mark Strassman that his successful Blue Origin flight will motivate him to push deeper into space.


Heavy flooding hit central with video from Chinese state TV showing a train in the city of Zhengzhou inundated with rushing water.


COVID-19 patient in Louisiana says he'd opt for hospitalization again over getting the vaccine.


As COVID cases increase, the virus remains dangerous and deadly for those who are unvaccinated.


Biden changes the subject when asked if there are Democrats who want to defund the police.


Biden said those who contract breakthrough cases are a tiny percentage of those who are fully vaccinated.


Liberty has Covid and is dying slowly



CBS News went inside a hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, where beds are quickly filling up with COVID patients.




ABC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: urges people in areas of high rates to wear indoors.


Pres. tells ABC News that he is considering a for all to get



Get the jab? Get $100!


Pres. implores to get the



describes toll of working in in We're "losing people...that are never going to see their kids graduate."


White House deputy press secretary says "a national requirement is not under consideration at this time," as variant spreads.




WH press sec says potential due to would not be as extreme because “too much progress" has been made


Dear America: DO YOU SEE IT YET?


Gov. found to have sexually harassed multiple women, the New York state says after a four-month probe.


Biden says state officials who are banning mask mandates and other public health guidelines should "get out of the way."


reported 21,000 new cases July 30, the most for one day in the state since the pandemic began.



“You are the ultimate knuckleheads.” Gov. Murphy shouted back at protesters during a press conference on Wednesday.


Jen Psaki says public health officials should make decisions about how to keep kids safe, "not politicians."


U.S. Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. Brown says he expects a COVID-19 vaccine mandate at some point from the Pentagon.


The will require for all service members, with officials saying there is “no reason to wait.”



San Francisco Mayor Breed announced a vaccine mandate that will go into effect Aug. 20 for indoor activities.


Many hospitals in Texas are overwhelmed with unvaccinated COVID patients.




مـا أجـمل أن يــراك الناس بريئاً و إبلــيس،يناديــكك استاذي🥂🖤#اكسبلور


Your local covid believer.




Talibans have taken most cities of Afghanistan under their control.#fyp


Taliban Inside Afghan Presidential Palace


Footage shows people crowding the airport tarmac in after the Taliban entered the Afghan capital.


ويأتي الليل ليُثبت لك أنك شخص وحيد ، لا أحد يحبك ، ولا أحد يهتم لحُزنك🖤🥀#اكسبلور


Dân afghanistan tràn vào sân bay, đu bám máy bay để tháo chạy


NEW: Pres. US should not be "dying in a war that forces are not willing to fight for themselves."


Pres. Biden: U.S. troops should not be fighting a war that Afghan forces are not willing to fight for themselves.


Welcome to Communism!


Afghanistan 🥺


ZENSIERTE Erfindungen Der Freien Energie#forschung


ZENSIERTE Erfindungen Der Freien Energie Part 2#frei


Footage from inside a U.S. military plane shows hundreds of Afghans being airlifted out of Kabul.


NEW: updates on situation in as more arrive and evacuations continue.


chief says evidence suggests waning effectiveness of over time, as admin unveils plan for shots.


What are the chances of that happening 😧😂


On U.S. troop drawdown, Gen. Mark Milley says nothing "indicated...collapse in 11 days" as Taliban stakes claim in



He was pissed! 😂






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At least 9 people killed in flash flooding in New York


responds when asked why Pres. is Catholic—would support "He believes that it's a woman’s right."


Too funny






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Będziecie czekać?


They are still unsure what caused the Earthquake


Oh he’s done now.





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Mark Zuckerberg announced Thursday that Facebook has been renamed Meta






Die Grafik von Matrix Awakens 😱


Pfizer's COVID pill sharply reduced hospitalizations and deaths among people at high risk of severe illness.


says members of and their spouses shouldn't be banned from