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Am I allowed to miss fall yet?





This cat squares up with me at LEAST 4 times a day


vamp kath or human kath ? |





Reply to @sh4nsbff


still picking so called doomsday map


I think I’m shadow banned 🥺


my hair getting long



let’s goooo


The worst day of my life



Bae for the day @megancouncil


One great feature my mom gave me 😝


Here’s a draft of my falling cuz my knee hurts lol




Yes I still love the lord 😌🤍


Where’s my sun sign soulmate at I’m Aries



lmr on @snboea1



Reply to @chrisanth0ny it’s such a cute dance, how could one not? 😋


I guess you leave me no choice 🥲.. follow my YT & IG


Ski 🎿 yaa yaa


And whay about it bitches


Happy Friday!!🙃


Feeling blah






Lil bit of slo mo from today’s training 🔥🐎



just working on my skillssss


i am a thick lil bih 😁


like homie come back I’m not done w u yet


Nailed it!!!!


In my bag 😘💰


Last day here 🥺


This is my new favorite dress


another draft


yes i'm well aware i'm a bone thug 👵🏼


feelin fancy💅🏼#CompleteMyLook


its ok ian i don’t know either


Beast titan 😏 titan


Tag a friend that should follow✔️ (I follow ppl back too!)


Don’t mind my fucked up choker



with @baldbaby2121



I definitely fucked this up💀


No one could accuse McAfee of leading a boring life


y’all play too much fr😐#CompleteMyLook


b!tches love to stare😩😁#CompleteMyLook


i won’t tell nobody😉🙃#CompleteMyLook


We workin on it alright


Sorry guys video got taken down


Gotta love the beach


Hot Fart Summer 🤙 #CompleteMyLook #MyColoredHair #FordMaverick #fyp


🤙 #CompleteMyLook #MyColoredHair #FordMaverick #fyp #gassgirls




Makima is here!



I get it from my mama 🥵❤️


me & my bestie girl @haleynicole823


The sun kept getting in my eyes


draft buh does anyone wanna teach me how to do makeup pls pls🤍


They said start stroking and I zoomed outta there


my gf @kennedy.copelanddd








Which bathing suit is your fave?






🖤🖤🖤 @bri.fuertes


For all the lil bootayssss



“Someone’s behind you!”




Reply to @datboy8 I am obsessed with this sound thanks to y’all 😩😂


go white girl go


Happy pride


big pimpin


big pimpin


She didn’t lemme finish the tiktok



What’s your favorite drink?



I am sick 😅 of link in bio



Did u react😭❓#fyp


the amount of videos of this dance in my drafts is ridiculous 😂 #plussize






If your 6th @ doesn’t respond in 5 mins they owe you $100!!💰🦋 @wilkingsister


what month did you get?🧐



they do say that first year is the hardest so 🤞🏻🤞🏻


Shower Syncing


4th of July fun.






sorry i’ve been on a break but here’s a thirst trap as an apology <3


I love being tall


the road was really bumpy


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