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Hey 🥺am I on your fyp


can u tell i’m not feeling it today 😐#fyp


comment if you want to be mutuals <33


MUTUALS PLZ DUET THIS (And yes I'm talking to you @theamazingkilljoy and @quirky_bean_king_erik )


self love for today:))


follow my tik tok finsta <3 @popcornchickenfromkfc




here’s a more upbeat video😁


this is not funny i’m sorry


im like a mix of a, c and h





Reply to @aplanthater I CANT




I love her


love u guys


secret account mutuals??


Reply to @e.l.i.s.e.__ here ya go :) hopefully it’s cropped right !


Reply to @t0xiighoul hope I cropped it right, but there ya go !#komiflys


trried to upload this since yesterday 💀


i miss staying up till 3am texting you


@my mutuals😏


happens to the best of us😣#fypシ


everyone drop ur middle name right now


she did the most 😥 ..ly ma


Reply to @cherryydabee there ya go :)


Reply to @zetsuin here ya go


it wasn’t scary but the ending bro...




this got taken down at 20K😫



argue wit yo momma !


pool day


help I’m so dumb


send help.


me a freaky gal 🤪🤪🤪💪💪💕💕📸📸


it’s so funny because they be exposing the hell out of each other


can someone edit him with this song? im begging 😭




What are you doing stepsis ? 🥸🥸


goodnight moots <3


I love dbz but this has just gotta stop


shake that


draken > everything


Who wanna be mutuals so I can get to 7K?🥰


You're mine and only mine. || I had to change it up cause yall r sensitive mfs.



Some people can’t dress smh 🙄


since y’all loved this shirt so much


slob on it



Hi insta:sophesmith thank you for your help ! GoFund me is in bio.#TeamofTomorrow



don’t come after me if i got the lyrics wrong I just googled them



with @yazbunny




rip 20% battery :( i was about to go off too



HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY 🥳|| overlay cr: @axhmimi


What’s your favourite one!



bro do i look okay?????




good afternoon


ok bye now




are you a vending machine? bc u look like a snack




obsessed with the sound


To be honest I love seeing all people feel confident and love themselves. ❤️


it’s true ngl 😭


Ngl as a kid it actually made me cry😔


left right ✅


Just trying to find my mutuals. Interact with this video if this is you!


I ate this☠️


i want uuu❣️


help urself 🤍