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But I’m helping the economy


one of my favourite jobs tho



@livegoodlaughlong got your food baby video.#foodfam


Whoops I had a boogie


When does school end for u guys? @sammyypg


I love her


These r just facts cmt if u agree (top: @byellakatherine)



Starting Monday off with some fashion inspo!




with @marianafmatos


When your a mom but you're also fierce AF!#momlife


Plaid Blazer, Three Ways!


Will probably delete this later 🤦🏽‍♀️.


Party Looks!



Poor Travis... WAIT FOR IT.


Target Haul! Shop my looks at http://liketk.it/2OUID


Oops 😂🤷🏻‍♀️😜


My favorite shower song!!


This was a self love journey


Crawling towards Friday like...


But like, when’s dinner?




this works ladies‼️men love those things!


Who knew? news


It always starts with one! And that’s not including our cats and pig..


Where my sidewalk chicks at??



Someone come dance with me...


my daughter decided to ask me this question randomly @daddyemelia



I can’t help falling in love with you!😘#fyp


I’m only sharing for



Do as I say not as I do! 😂


40 & fabulous ✨


Reply to @jj.officiallly chill it’s a joke 🙄😂


SHOP the JUMPSUIT online!!! Use code in bio!#nothincanstopme.


45 & Fabulous! 🤩





Okay?? Be a good housewife


Video transitions are NOT my specialty 🤦🏼‍♀️🤷🏼‍♀️😂 But I wanted to check out my birthday dress. 39 in 2 weeks! 🥰


And that’s on not being sorry.



Making dinner again.


A lot of you wanted to see Ellie try a Lemon! 🍋 What should she try next !?!



The first thing I want on my Xmas list as a new momma 🎄🎁🎅🏻


Waylon Greys in there💙🤪🤰🏽


Hawaii trip recap with my girl @mishkasilva


OMG ITS @summerisabell ...getting in MY TikTok


It’s a no for me 🤣🤣🤣🤣


Don’t tell another mom what she can n not do😒




today was productive!


she joined in lol


lol people on my live wanted to see


You can’t kill my vibes


Trying to cook 😬


Reply to @biggied930 Got the Mesh leggings 🍑



My life


@theseglasses It’s the eyebrows for me 🤣


It’s Frankie, bishhh




I can't believe we are sharing this 😳 @singlemommajourney @crystalp87




Family vacation part 2- the morning of. 😬


@cleonard19 @taraaleonard19


with @bentonoods


Moms... you good??


Trying new hair products on my daughters hair! Turned out super cute 🥰


I creating a new reality TV show


Motherhood Benefits: 🇩🇪 v. 🇺🇸


Reply to @hunnerh What’s your favorite color ??? 🍑Link in bio 💖


Get you a best friend who helps you find a husband. He was cute, but still on the hunt.


Just for giggles



Any other mom's feet grow this much?


Is this better Tik Tok?




Who do you believe?




Reply to @user7516734053317


“Hunny men are usually people too..”


Had to get this!!!!



She wanted to do this challenge haha


Ohhhhh dang....


I can never eat @kitkat in peace.


Gamer dad = gamer baby!


Is it just me?!


Jokes on him


I just love this trend 🤣💗💪🏼#SpotlightAPI


Still a lot of miles left on this used 🚗


Reply to @michaelwebb428 I thought I told you where the door was....


Hopped on the trend 🖤


Loosely based on a true story


An interpretation from an innocent mind...


Day 24 Countdown to my daughter's 11th Birthday 🎂🥳🎉🎈#birthdaycountdown


Day 31 Countdown to my daughter's 11th Birthday 🎂🥳🎉🎈


Shakers Cups, Sippys, Yetis Galore


with @emi2d2


Let me LIVE!!!


From the drafts!#😜😝


Reply to @wristworkfortiktok as you wish



Reply to @dakidfrm26 THE ORIGINAL



Wow. I sure would hate to have this happen to me 🤣🤣🤣


But I gave him two awesome kids in the process 😉 and he loves me granny gown and all🥰


Reply to @buddhadaddy y’all wild now, but I’m here for it


Good morn y’all. Let’s see if this one gets ‘brought down’ 🧐🙄




Tipp des Tages😂 Daily Story auf IG sevin_van_dyk YT van Dyk Family


I bet nobody knows this movie.. do you? 😅🤣


We stand. We support🧡


I’m one lucky girl🖤


Your flight will change DRAMATICALLY


Started working out again yesterday! Mummy feeling strong 💪🏻


Sorry Tiktok




took 6 times setting these cans up with a small breeze lol.


I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom


Who Can Relate?


Just released my new EBOOK!! 🤗 thanks everyone!


We should be afraid.


Parents to their teenagers now versus then


No joke, this got him to sleep 😂




Omg I’m on one today lol 😆


I knew she was wrong and I’m so glad I left




Gender Ideology is a Danger to Children






Money is honey


It’s all in the presentation



How us Mamas should walk thru 💁🏻‍♀️




who won 😂


We are killing it! Tiktok Weekend Challenges with drunkbitches!!



small buns matter too right



The best Dad 🥺❤️


The best Dad 🥺❤️


Here's your sign to take a girls trip to Park City





Omg I love your face & soul ❤️😂 @surviving_myownmind




Lock her up. 👮‍♀️#fyp


Lock her up. 👮‍♀️#fyp


Always My Angel 👼


Ain’t no WAY



My poor mother




Our final fertility journey


Haha joke


I think he found this funny!