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I’m dead 🤣






practice time @nikkigallo_ @bri.fuertes


Forbidden on sale



hi wyd



My bestie is back in town 🥺 @sjose102


If this offends you...


I think I’m shadowbanned, comment this if im on your FYP🥺♥️



I named this OC "the monarch" not very creative ik but I LIKE IT



it’s spring! 🐛🌱🧚🏼



✨Im a Aries✨ I’m so pissed I’m shadowbanned and besides that banned from lives😭


👏🏼 dc: @taymarquise


Definitely a blooper 😂


Guess who’s back😎Thank you for 450k!!🤍


oh ya



yup had to jump on this one #MillionActsofLove #MakeMomEpic #viral #fyp


pool pool #fyp #MillionActsofLove


🥺 its flat ash , but u get the picture


Das me 🥰


Last regionals of the season babyyyyyy



idk why but if you’re toxic i might jus fall in love




ok going to tan now 🙌🏼☺️#RefundGlowUp


Sneaky 🐱


Bisexual women=werewolves can confirm


I accidentally deleted this yesterday 😔 Anyways mans really told me this 😭#RefundGlowUp


“Hola soy Dora” w @munchiez.02 @animexsundays


Rap Your Comments I Wonder Edition🤣😂#fyp


Heyyy #fyp #MillionActsofLove


boat 😈



I miss 2009 Demi #fyp #MillionActsofLove




Reply to @nythirb just the pants


Got em!!!#RefundGlowUp



We are so proud 🥲 @kileycurrier


“Babe don’t be doing that here”


Fire 🔥


Happy to all you beautiful mother’s




nope, don't like that.


@mayajakubowski @lexington.barger




I had to get this stuff for dice


i actually am a cancer lol ♋️


Oh hello🥱🤭


Reply to @brodi_reincastle ask & u shall receive, here’s part 3


This got deleted🥲Ty for 460k tho omg!!🥰


Another one featuring the lil sis😚




My hype girls @jenkayyyy____ @haywagnerrrr





Did I do it?!


Did I do it?!


Did I do it?!


Did I do it?!


Woah @psdtiktok


Did I do this right? 🙈


did I do it? 🙈




Did I do it?!


Did I do it?!