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I really thought that the snow was gonna be softer 😂


after 5 months overseas, Daddy is finally home! 🇺🇸


that was the best time. forever with them#swissarmy


Pinging Steel


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Best feeling in the world. 6 months too long ❤️




Rispondi a @moraway_


just some clips from a vacation I took last year.



When you let some one hang a round🤦🏻‍♂️



Which ones your favorite?


Which ones your favorite?


Reply to @krystal822 Philly Cheese loaded baked potato



Pretty cool!



USH training by Enzo Battaglieri


clearing some drafts 🙈


Как у вас огневая проходит ?) xFAKE GUNx


soldiers from different countries


/|\ selon vous c’est un bon ou un mauvais dirigeant ??





Insane military defense system. Wait till the end.


if you see your man in this video.... no you don’t. (@jaylenebrime @papo2k @smoothmal_ )


Thunderbird Thursday! Love that blue sky!


Got em


with @bigssgowens


My first tiktok challenge


And it brgins...




with @military.daily No Crayoms were harmed in the making of this film.


🕊️R.I.P We will never forget your sacrifice for our freedom today🕊️


This drama is so good 😌😩


This drama is so good 😌😩



Top 3 reasons to go to a rally...



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Murica 🇺🇸



Take of America from with in




with @holysmoke420 Join us


with @captaingreybeard17





Iraqi Military College




Belgian Malinois dogs in action#dog





The will require for all service members, with officials saying there is “no reason to wait.”


When that traffic & sunlight both hit at the same time😬🦾



Footage from inside a U.S. military plane shows hundreds of Afghans being airlifted out of Kabul.


NEW: updates on situation in as more arrive and evacuations continue.


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Never let me pick my own bed sheets.


On U.S. troop drawdown, Gen. Mark Milley says nothing "indicated...collapse in 11 days" as Taliban stakes claim in



God bless this soldier!!! 🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸🇺🇸#usarmy


🇺🇸 // // IB @unicorn_420_


🇺🇸 // // IB @unicorn_420_


Rip my brothers


Forever in our hearts and minds🕊🇺🇸.


Everybody eats 🍞🔪#ArmaniMyWay


Military Fails🥶


no hate to France



Military Combatives




Fave line? with @mjhanks @DS DePalo


They're trying ok 🥺😂 @vettv_official


Taken down at 33million😔


They see me rollin… they hatin 😈🗣






Someone give me gas money😭#20bucksrightthere



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F-16 Show of force.


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