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If I had to be personally attacked by this video, so do you.


Available for Life Coaching


with @providence and I. If you or a friend is struggling with visit Work2BeWell.org


it’s not just laziness.


It's ok to not be ok thanks to @maryfaye1


My weight is HEALTHIER now.


Mental illness is stored in the balls


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mental health awareness ✨


it’s not always like the stereotypes :)



NOT ALL MEN are like this, but I felt this really resonated with me and my ED and self confidence issues


my dog in the back like: 👁👄👁


and that’s on internalized ableism (“high-functioning”=BS)


through the years! a travers les années !


Be careful with the vaccine, it's not everyone, I've had this tremor ever since.


Reminder 🤗♥️ @bethachange32


War on Masculinity: The Feminization of Men - Christopher Walker


Reply to @excusemyapology BOYS DO CRY


When your therapist prescribes showin’ off dem thunder thighs. 🍗




From one trauma to another, really.


What does it mean to be a man?


Reply to @kiannasilva @thejoshjones


im so happy to be in a better place


Ily. Take care of yourself.


I’m so proud of you!




At least he gave me pretty eyes



Just making it through the night is massive...



“But she has such good social skills”


Worst feeling


Just don’t say things like that please and thanks


The sad truth


Not having a relationship with my mum is definitely hard


Oops 😂



Happens too often



Just don’t



No thank you 😂


Someone please take my anxiety away




So excited but so nervous


I’m sorry




Honest post. I’m not perfect.


We’ve got this, I’m so proud of you 💜






Welche Eigenschaften fallen Dir noch ein?





⚠️ TW. Please tell me, why is this the case?




I’m tired...


I drove out of that parking lot so fast.




Happens too often 😂




It’s not always rainbows and sunshine. Happy for the people that care the most for me. Social Media is not reality.


This was the end of a 5 minute dialogue. I wish I would have gotten the whole thing. @thejoshjones




This happens more than I like to admit 🙃


inspired by a few too many awkward silences in discord calls


Sounds about right



I was so excited and now I’m crushed.


since school is coming up again.. :(


luego me vuelvo a bajonear, pero no sé si también les pasa JAJAJAJ


adding ✨flavour✨ to my vent book 📖😶 🏳️‍🌈


gotta take the small wins where ya can.



Thank you guys for 298.4K, i love you all sm <3


Foamy toilet clean✨


4 Real Signs It’s Time To Check In With Yourself. Can YOU Relate?



Hit me for all the good Dumppy & Core Workouts 😛


Do you relate?


Dua for when things are difficult!


It’s time we start talking about mental health for athletes 🏅



Kanye is amazing anyways HOPE YALL FOCUSING ON THAT MENTAL


It doesn’t get any easier 😪❤️‍🩹💔



my first therapy session’s soon yeeyee


I’m alright.


If you see this, please listen to your body & give yourself a break. Okay?


Stay strong everyone 🦋


la vie ne commence pas à un certain poids…


Probably lose followers over this but zero F’s given! Just do you & be a good human!


I’m a gay cat lady who makes music, my internet connection is the most stable thing about me


with @kittiejrose thoughts ?🤔





Wage Slave…#wehustle


my hands r shaking wtf sorry, breakdown:((


the demons & I have amazing workouts tbh


Shocked I’m not shocked 😳


If You Feel Empty or Heartbroken, Hug Me ❤️


. sad part is I've almost verbatim had this talk with someone before.




True but sad story.. 😣


So stoked about this y’all! 🙌🏼










Whats your formula for mental health?🤍 #mentalhealth #healthylifestyle #fyp