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Who’s this kid????




welcome to wade wilson tiktok







I'm right ? 🤔thanks for the 🎉666k🎉🙏 followers


this is so lazy, but they look so good 👀


Nick Fury iconic moments


this moment in endgame was just ✨epic✨



Ok ok !! i#Im Late... But I had to give this a Shot!!! Check out that Marvel😎#howaboutyou




THUNDER THIGHS ⚡️#thightok




kneel, before the rightful heir to the throne.




Loki being iconic for 60 seconds


d a n c i n g ||


PART 2⚠️pause to read! Let me know if I’m doing okay, thank you#buckybarnes


PART 3⚠️pause to read! Bucky’s nightmare. I couldn’t wait any longer.


Part 4!! Thanks for the support!❤️


Part 5!!! @your_daily_simp0 follow my rl Bestfriend😂❤️#buckybarnes


Part 7!!


Happy reading!!


Part 14!! PAUSE TO READ!!!


Miles dies 😳


His walk😳




Part 20! Suggestions?!?


Part 20! (Sorry for the mixup last part) ANY SUGGESTIONS!💚🖤


Part 21! I’m struggling to find 60 second sounds😂#buckybarnes


Part 22! Let me know how I’m doing😬#buckybarnes




The look Peter gave him 😭🤚


Answer to @artstiles1 3 Comics that need more attention


part 3: tony tried to convince you to stay at the compound so he can help you


Part 33! I’m not to sure about this one😬😂#fyp Bucky is to cute though🖐🏼




(part 6)


(part 7)


(part 8) you talk to wanda


Pt.2they heard you singing but you fully stand to your feelings for Nat#natasharomanoff


(part 9)


Who's you favorite superhero?


y/n is a criminal😃


the last one hits different


(part 10) your welcome btw 😏#wandamaximoff


(part 11)


(part 12) PAUSE TO READ :)


(part 13)


(part 14)


Pt.3 the conversation with Tony..#foryou


He’s so underrated...I mean thanos only could stop him with 4 infinity stones ✨#foryou


(part 15)


(part 16)


(part 17)


: you had a car accident...


someone please teach me how to edit omg


(Pt.4)? Tony finds your songbook and is reading through some pages..


(part 18)


(part 19)


Part 2 : you had a car accident...


You are playing truth or dare with the Avangers.. don’t wonder, I remade it


Pt.5 you are upstairs with Natasha..


Part 3 : you had a car accident...


Not me ugly crying while doing this..


(part 21)


: you’re the “secret” daughter of Tony Stark


(part 22)


Reply to @wanda..maximofff POV: you are the “secret” daughter of Tony Stark (part 2)


: you’re the “secret” daughter of Tony Stark (PART 3) @rochitel13_


(part 23)




plz don't let this flop 😩 also so excited for tomorrow's episode 😆


POV: You’re the “secret” daughter of Tony Stark (part 4)


(part 25)


POV: you’re the “secret” daughter of Tony Stark (part 5 1/2)


Pt.6 you are having a dream about Nat but you thought it was just without meaning


Reply to @wanda..maximofff you’re the secret daughter of Tony Stark (Part 6)#POV


ℒℴ𝓀𝒾 ✨


Reply to @rochitel13_ POV PART 7: you’re the “secret” daughter of Tony Stark


(part 26)


(part 27) PAUSE TO READ


Part 46!


(part 28)


(part 29)


POV: PART 8 you’re the secret daughter of Tony Stark


(part 30)




POV: you’re the secret daughter of Tony Stark (Part 9)#VideoSnapChallenge


POV: you’re the secret daughter of Tony Stark(part 10)#VideoSnapChallenge


Pt.7 Natasha can‘t sleep either and heard you talking..


- you and wanda cook together <3


(part 33 flashback 1)


Part 48! How do you like this one?#fyp


Reply to @_.nice_name._ you’re the secret daughter of Tony Stark(PART 12)


Reply to @wanda..maximofff POV PART 13!


(part 36 flashback 4)


(part 37 flashback 5)




you and Sharon never get along :/




POV 14


(part 39 flashback 7)


Reply to @wanda..maximofff finally part 15 ☺️ I’m getting out of ideas sorry 🥲✌🏻


(part 40 flashback 8)


(part 41 flashback 9)


Don’t repost


(part 42)


after this scene: *💥*




Reply to @_l_u_c_i_a_16 POV PART 16 (?) lmao


(part 43)


(part 44)


POV: after Nat‘s dead the memories are flooding back..


(part 46)


(part 47)


ib: @buckybarnesjames ||



(part 48)


(part 49)


Reply to @im.mary_poppins.yall || ib: @buckybarnesjames ||


Reply to @wanda..maximofff POV PART 18 -goodbye Peter 🥺-


Part 19 - I’m not an Avenger -


Pt.10 I think.. Nat is showing you her tiny house in the forest..#fy


Part 52! Sorry it’s short I have so many things to do😭


POV : You call daddy but...


Reply to @nextstop0512 ||


(part 50)


my babe 🥺



(part 51)


(part 52)


(part 53)


(part 54)


(part 55)


(part 56)




(part 57) not me writing this part when i was in my zoom class 🤠


Part 20 - I can’t! -


(part 58)


Tag a friend 🖕🏻🕯🍏


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Part 21! - you’re k*lling me -


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Reply to @oliverdude1 here you go#ironman#tonystark


FLASH WARNING ⚠️ part 21 🥺 -Pietro... -


POV: You and Loki broke up..


POV: Y/N gets their heart broken


Responder a @wanda..maximofff part 23 - 3 weeks -



Part 23 - y/n -


Répondre à @j..k0161


Part 25 - did you missed me?- thanks for 2k 😭❤️👋🏻


repost of one of my favorite edits i did


Pov: Sharon cal your Gf (Nat) a B!tch


{Part 6} I’m liking you comments when a new parts comes up


Pov: you are coming out by telling Wanda about your feelings for Nat


Part 26 - us - we like annoying Peter tho 😘👋🏻


Part 27 - give it a try -


I ship them-


(pause to read)p5


Répondre à @madisonmae.e


Reply to @jmg_358 part 28 - Dad -


Part 29 - rewrite the stars - (I won’t lie, I cried doing this 😭)


You would be shocked how long this took but I love it


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Reply to @im.eden.anidjar - loving you - PART 30 (thanks for 4K)


Part 31


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Reply to @julia_x_00 Part 32 - y/n discovers something -


Part 33 POV: y/n discovers that Tony was only thinking about himself -




(pause to read)s1p8


Loki 💚


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(pause to read)s1p9


Répondre à @_n0t_scarlett_


POV: u hooked up w/ Wanda-


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how can one human being be so perfect


‘They tell me im a god’ | IB: @lokihidd


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What Groot was really saying in Avengers: Infinity War




Loki hopping on the trend😌his side profile tho😩




s1p10 last part of season 1


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Répondre à @sydneytrochs1 POV: Après ta rupture Wanda te protège#pourtoi @americains_story__


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Répondre à @idk_what_name_should_be_


Trying out being a redhead😏#natasha


ignore the snort at the end 🐷😂




whether you ship them romantically or not, you cannot deny their relationship is top tier


s1s2p2 || 𝗒𝗈𝗎 𝗌𝖺𝗒 𝖲𝗁𝖺𝗋𝗈𝗇 𝗒𝗈𝗎𝗋 𝗈𝗉𝗂𝗇𝗂𝗈𝗇 ||


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The true captain America❤️


Who knows💀#blackwidow


i cried making this#BOSSUpYourGame


Reply to @loouisebnt


s1s2p3 [you check the cameras]#fyp


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Reply to @tvermulm Matty is my boy 🥰



The spiderest of mans 🕷


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12k wow 🥳


А ой😁


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Los XMEN😂 Mensaje para Semana Santa!!😂 Sígueme En IG: @Niulfran_🥺🙏


s1s2p4 || you need a break ||


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Reply to @yanels250 I'm sorry that it is kinda late😬 anyway. ENJOY



Loki prince of Asgard 💚


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Part 31


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This was so fun to make... ive been laughing for like the last 30 minutes hahaha 🤣 cr.: @marvel._.fp0


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what is your fav.


I LOVE these two scenes


um so little life update... this happened last week... and i will never shut up about it...


I’m with you till the end of the line 🥺#buckybarnes


wanda in civil war🧎🏽‍♀️🧎🏽‍♀️


tfatws Bucky>>


sorry for making this 😭#marvelstudios


It really is like that sometimes 💀


I have been falling |



i might have smiled like an idiot, while making this


He's hot.



We don’t deserve this cupcake


the start of enemies to lovers 😏 |


zemo’s story.


|| 𝑏𝑒𝑎𝑢𝑡𝑦 𝑜𝑓 𝑚𝑎𝑟𝑣𝑒𝑙 || ib: @marvelixs 🤍




✨Scarlett johansson✨.


your Steves ,,real‘‘ Girl…😏#steverogers


your Bucky’s ,,real’’ girl…😏🔞#buckybarnes


He’s so cute pls


your Thor’s ,,real’’ Girl..😏#thorodinson


pov: u live in a world where a song tells you who your soulmate is


your Loki’s ,,real’’ Girl..😏




this made me happy and sad at the same time


I’m not crying, you are.


n e ways here’s an audio for u all🤲🏻



Don’t waste your life | This took me ages, please support 🥺 |


natasha’s ,,real’’ girl..😏#foryou


I donno what I should caption it lol#marvelcast#endgame


as requested :) next purple (btw thank you so much for the love on my last video!)


apology video for my last post🤠


Reply to @alissonpanameno.2020 POV: you can see their future when you touch them


✨Chris Evans✨


jack and tony have the same zodiac sign / personality type as me and loki has the same sun and rising sign💀


this scene will forevee break me


POV: You can read minds and feel their pain


Don’t let Raph down TikTok, can we get a comment from Tom Holland? @jaredandrewhughes is the stuntman and @raph_luce is kid Captain America


Whose your favourite marvel character?



I like me w white hair🤍#blackcatcosplay


Whose your favourite marvel character?


pt2, this made me so sad sorry for reuploading


Whose your favourite marvel character




welcome to paris







Thank you for the 10M likes !


The edit is not that good but I kinda wike it 🤠🤚#buckybarnes


He doesn’t deserve the hate and the body shaming that he gets :(


Reply to @jackhorsfall8 He's also a pivotal member of Matt Fraction's "Defenders" team


Reply to @admiral_quackbar Love me a character wracked by guilt


hes a god






Reply to @lilsunsun There's a lot of good material for Marvel's First Family







Y/N tries to guess Bucky’s new GF but Y/N and Sam forget they aren’t the only ones in the room 😂🤷🏻‍♀️


Batman freaked out


full vol + headphones :)




missing them hours


Happy Bucky >>>


Idk why this is sooo funny😂#marvelstudios



He should be called summer soldier because he's so hot


"I'm with u 'till the end of the line..." -Steve Rogers


@feliz.davidad Love ya bro!!! 😂😂😂MARVEL WINS EVERYTIME!!!


pov: the avengers are hiring and you decided to take a chance



: @alikikey


if you were wondering who my top 3 fav marvel heroes are.. ^^


Our husband😏


“I’m not a witch.” / “No? Then why do you dress like one?”


part 2


[HEADPHONES RECOMMENDED] drop a whole stadium on me pls -


the colours of the mcu


ig: gabritrig


The ladies rock


TYSM for 7k! I don't know if that was unnecessary cuz it's almost 7.5k but yeah ILY all <33 ||


Reply to @maddoxev overlay! give credits if you use it!



Happy birthday to my favorite bby <33 ||


there’s a reason goose antis don’t exist | ib: @itshouldvebeenclint


It’s sad that it is true😀


And also just look at Loki and Thor together...#Thor


if villain why seggsy


I'm liking this romanian boy...😏 ||


****BATALON i said his name wrong.


TYSM for 10k! ILY all 3000 and even more <33 And now let's vibe w the marvel cast ;) |


Marvel is still king😂


tony you’re as much as a diva as him 🤌🏼


Loving u🤍#blackcatcosplay




Wait for it


Reply to @g_miller777 god of fashion🐍


Deleted scene😂✌🏼


Captain America was spotted on the road! 😮♥️♥️



Reply to @netflix_clips4ever part 6 last part


oh to crash into loki by mistake


i hate my younger self



LOKI EP2 spoiler, my fav part😄😍


Back at it with them ✨transitions✨




Allegedly, this is what the Watcher has been watching for this whole time


velocitys> ||


the last one is my fave


this is literally turning into a cherik account 🦋 //




big metaphor guy


this has to be my favorite interview ever LMAO


Reply to @jammyjam83 Hopefully this helps my guy 🤙🏾


What happens when Captain marvel sneezes? Lol what swimsuit cosplay should I do next?




This just makes me so happy


god of mischief 😎💚🔥


this is the only Loki info you need


their friendship >>>




okay this is really sad... 😂






venom drop eddie and hmu pls😛


Shuri being Shuri





Them > Anyone and everything ( )


Totally the wrong outfit, but idc on day!


🥺❤️can i get a Follow ❤️


This is serious business 😤😤😤 @raineemery


new comfort character.




Yelena Belova Wallpaper 🥰




She make it clap


hehe here you guys go


Still happy about 23 Emmy Nominations for this Masterpiece of a Series! (ib: @loreleipixie)


with & without Sylvie... 😭


The early 1900s were a living fever dream


3D Printed Captain America with Mjolnir


god of fallen poser 👀


poor loki... 😭


right ??King Spiderman 👑 🕷


This scene still ends me


I love them


i literally love these mfs <3


natasha and yelena <3


that scream I can't... 😂


those editing skills tho







Reply to @wthicried



Ngl I could make loads of these



it’s so beautiful.


Where there is a will, fans will find a way lol


based on series sadly true...


credits to @tomholland_clips1 gosh thats so sad..


it was 2am & this was funnier in my head 😂


Which voice suits me best?


Not hate to the little insecure boys of course


Luca grabación de voz ❤️


W😹#w @thundercluck44


Reply to @maavengersxx part 20 ??


a great scene from Ant man and the wasp


Reply to @ricardoll69 Tysm for 32.5k


this was a missed opportunity


The one and only Loka Lisa, ladies and gentlemen


This amazing detail from Endgame❤️


so proud of them 🥺


Midnight in Paris, 2011.


New Batman series 🦇


korg appreciation ❤️




I am right and will not accept criticism.


Idk if anyone has noticed this yet…


this is based on a convo i had with @hermitcaves . yes i display the books by this ranking system.


UNICORN POWER!! With @itz_carimo


Me: imagine they're real 😁



he knows… and i know he knows…


I think I’m addicted to this audio


Reposting bc it got removed 🙄#SHEINcares


Hahahah I can’t |


tag your friend that doesn’t even have super powers



It’s sad to see 😭


i’m crying


Piercing shot🔥🔥#deadpool


love him ||


I finally watched black widow!


i had to, it fit too good


se o tiktok tirar a qualidade eu pulo.


Without creasing the Nikes 😏


wanda being the gauntlet




Like hello!!!!



Reply to @loki_is_a_god3 part 27


Parte Final //


I cried a little bit when I saw the first one


He has no business being hot😭✋


assemble 😁


best besties (ib: @.quarterquell)


Teori terooossss 😆







amo ela✨#florencepugh


hottest siblings








Sleep? We don't know her


to end! Unlocking!😲😲😲#spiderman


Holy🤑 💰#marvelstudios


Marvel Mental Health Checkpoint ♥️


when the trailer finally drops—thoughts?


Okay hear me out...


Revengers have a sleepover 😴


Spiderman and Ironman best scene 😍


lesson number 1 is you’re not important





Which scene is best?




He didn't tell anyone about his illness but I think they all knew...



PLEASE 🤌🏼🤌🏼😼🔥


Paul Rudd is a gem 🥺



Répondre à @berryxxuxi part 30


This scene 😩 ||


wanted to try this trend out again


with @ultrarosela


Weapon Plus Experiments: Weapon V


Comic Book Team Ups: The Sinister Six


Omega Level Mutants: Vulcan


Comic Book Team Ups: The Midnight Sons


Into the Spider-Verse Part 8: Spider-Cop


Go see Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings in theaters this Friday! @marvelstudios



Ela é uma bomba de spoilers😅



what did they sayyy |


what did they sayyy |


yeah |


How to be the Tesseract


one day#fyp


one day#fyp


per altri video simili, seguitemi ❤️ ⚠️ FAKE SITUATION AND FAKE BLOOD ⚠️


I'm so curious to see how plays this out, since supposedly appears in






e ainda tem tiktok @simuliu 🛐#changchi


underrated scene


Tell me I’m wrong








What did I make-


No CGI flames here, but Bradley just got BURNED 🔥 is BACK tomorrow with the of quizzing 🤓 @potatoitv


After Avengers Endgame


idk what’s that but here it is


Reply to @exetricate__ couldn’t help myself i had to do one with flo


Believe in Loki supremacy


this is gonna be so good!


this video is 99% for @moose_0 because …


I luv magic man 😌❤️


I’m stuck in the shadow realm for this app so I’m not going to post my vidya gamin videos until I’m free




Reply to @jesus671158




so r u still breaking up with me.... 🕷🖤#ZFlipClackdown



expect more nat edits😫‼️


this scene <3







That’s it 😩


É sobre isso kkkkkk. IB; @shittymcuedits


This is the endgame |


é isto aq


Fun mode vs god mode


Fênix Negra🔥#fyyy


pfvr me falem que vocês são assim também



copiando a Marvel de Ferro Baby


I just… can’t


he's so cute


What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger


You know this is what he’d be thinking



Will give biccies duets!




Kkk amei esse vídeo





spooky szn calls for all my superhero suits


spooky szn calls for all my superhero suits


Deadpool for Who’s your favorite marvel character?





What if.. ? 😫// this is happening in a universe


not a cosplay, but I tried something @tinglesandtarot 😌



How the rave scene should've happened


i broke myself while doing this 😭 | ib: @𝐶ℎ𝑎𝑟𝑙𝑜𝑡𝑡𝑒 |


Reply to @the.mcu.editz here bestie :)


que cena!


Fav strong avenger || ib: @g1ftedfilms


Flashing lights



eita baybs







@stacy_crazy_ antworten




Which characters can Kick-Ass beat in a fight?


Scarlet and Sebastian training the fights 👀


Lol…(I know that it’s a serious topic but you gotta love korg)






excited for halloween


Bro ran away 💀


Anyone else do this?😂




now he doesn’t lift his leg when he tinkles


deserved so much better



Something Bad About To Happen To Him😐


OMG speaks 😍


crying because of my own making


TFATWS but is a comedy show


im in my marvel arc again


What kinda posters are they releasing 💀


can you believe it ? lucifer and the winter soldier 😩


They tried to fool us… again🤫🤫


Who is your favorite Hero?



Лучший Человек-Паук💞🛐#человекпаук



I’m here for Christmas jingle 🏹🏹


Reply to @amlartistal LOVED THAT ONE SM


This friendship ist just elite 💀#nickfury


Aint no way bruh😭😭😭


I’m something of a scientist myself… //


caption:) ||




Teaching Iron man I love you 3000


mood: dead


mood: dead


Who else got their tickets ||



edit for spiderversw 2…a real spiderman is back


edit for spiderversw 2…a real spiderman is back


Reply to @4leyna.stark thankss for yalls commentss <333 ||


the betta spidey, the betta kisser |


day 19 |


Responder @ana_bia208 aqui KKKK



He said “I love you” 🥺💗



with @b135l00k 🕷🕸 genoteerd Dries… genoteerd🥲👍#spidermannowayhome


Two theaters collectors cups


Two theaters collectors cups






What was that?


Reply to @gonaticus GAME: Blade and Sorcery PC