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haven’t made a beach tiktok in a whileee @lia.jxkubowski @lexington1202


my mini me🤍


The wait is over... 🥰🔥


Duet this and show me what you got!!


laugh out loud


don’t mind the strand of hair on my face 😸 (dc @ondreazlopez )


3 tips to manifest you dreams


Snap snap


Wit the gang




I’ll be at the bottom of the pool. ( Sike Sike Sike Sike )


Does this deserve to blow up? 🤯🙏🏼


Which fit?


i hope i explained this better than my first video!!


One of my goals is to be a swimsuit model though 🤷🏻‍♀️✨




The frequency of love 😍


Light a candle, take a deep breath, and repeat after me: what is for me will not miss me.


Claim the you need 💌


pause to read 🤍



(3/3) do u claim?


Money Mantra @alexarosecarlin 💰#manifest



📢🧔🏻‍♂️ un très joli cortège qui grandit au fur et à mesure !


How to attract what you want (via @bobproctor/youtube)





Technique du MINI CLIP 💫#spiritualite


🔥⚜️TIME TO MANIFEST ⚜️🔥Come to instagram to watch more of this spell 🔥


L’attention dans l’ATTRACTION 🧲💫


What are your healthy habits ? 🤍#motivation




put in the work & the universe will do the rest for you.


if you know you know




Big body benz remember I use to be dusty!


They key of manifestation is pretending that you already have what you want ✨ Speaker: Keke Palmer


Call me Miss Perfectly Fine because I walked away without a scratch @taylorswift @taylornation




transition is trash, anyways


c'est incroyable


Claim it


The only award I ever got at assembly


Negative thoughts makes muscles go weak.