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when you find out girls love red flags...


*sees cute boy* me: “no, he’s probably straight...” 🤦🏻‍♂️




pelo amor de Deus tiktok envia meus vídeos


you never truly know the impact you are making


here is my low quality take on this trend. if i had enough storage for videoleap or decent lighting i’d body this


singtokrist ver.


I literally forgot I was gay


If you’re from hs and seeing this, yes I know I wasn’t cool but I’m on ~top~ now.


Apollo walked in like tf you doing 😭


yuh ur welcome


Reply to @gorewh0re77 i just straighten my side bangs btw😁 here i got so many comments abt this.


screw those unsupportive family members / video circa 2017 ❤️


I honestly was just focused on my banana


🏳️‍🌈 🌈





It’s ok I forgive you but you owe me a free pinkiti drink at Starbucks ☹️


who’s the one LOK character you have a crush on ?? Tell us 👀💜


I know my laptop has dust on it but that my boy pic 😭💜


👼🏽 or 😈 ?


idk how i feel abt this-


do ya rly


with @thatvegannurse


with @dreadhead.ash


i can’t get this sound out of my head !!! 😂♥️ also um i love each and every one of y’all so much


why i like woman


Just a quick mug👅


our types 😁


Reply to @raprapterbro Ask & receive


Little waist😛


Can I be your waifu? Just wanna be an anime girl


Should I go live today?




jesus christ lmaooo



A deleted TikTok that I’ve been debating if I should repost of not. Lol guess I am.


A deleted TikTok that I’ve been debating if I should repost of not. Lol guess I am.


my thoughts on the lesbian manifesto


things I’m excited to do now that I got top surgery. 🌻


I’m exactly 1 lab, 1 pittie, and 1 German Shepard fyi


My trans son in school pt 💩2💩


NYE look for a wild night in my room ✨


don’t make me get violent


Did y’all watch any of these shows growing up??


Much needed haircut;)


yuh yuh




I want it, I got it 😌




hi 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩


why is my acc dead asf. i stg if this gets on old men tiktok i’ll kms


why am I terrified to post this?! But probably no one is gunna see this so it’s okay dc: @jaydecandance


Points were made at the end!!✨


yea no


I Love U ❤️ 🥰


Part 2 🤵🏾‍♀️ thanks for 340k ♥️


If you know me... just keep scrolling


Fingers crossed this vid isn’t taken down again.🤞


Peptalk be4 leaving the house


Repost me cuz it flopped and I wanna make people smile






Godcomplex is kicking




I swear it’s the last one with this fit


what if we made trending 😳


why do i feel like this? (pode postar, lumena?)


i’ve said it once and imma say it again...



her dad walks in😟 (if you know me, this is just for a trend keep scrolling)


meow 💜


How the conservatives think left wing families are | sound by @skatie420



yes? @matildemarroni


introducing... Limited Edition Genderfluid ™


omg I think I’m dYiNg


Answering our most asked question!!


2am thoughts 💭


As you guys requested: Trixic/Toric!


maybe I'll practice this song with headphones😂


Does this happen for forever?






Part 3


i needa take more pics an videos 😐.



lesbian bugs bunny🐰🏳️‍🌈#ColorCustomizer


[they/them] softer look :)


not very swag 🤠👎🏼



Duet this 😂 POV: a diverse group of women hypes you up.


Elves or kittens?


Reply to @amacintire2020 as you wish! may have cost me tho!


Reply to @sadsoftboi._ thx soo much for 200k. BTW it was 40 outside so 🥶.





Espelho meio sujo né


Bob is a soft boi


part. 5




@matt_and_omar this is just perfect, I love it! 😂


What’s the worst that could happen?


i’m on my ‘georgenotfound during important dream smp events’ arch



Let’s clarify where we stand on these subjects


A special soul and Interdepartmental Memo with the Department of Lost Souls @geezahgobble





i’m so fucking stupid


speed challenge 👀#ColorCustomizer


Public school memories...


😩👊🏽....||#fyp ||


with @martycannotparty this masterpiece needs to be appreciated


Enjoy the crease in my belly from giving my cousin a stick and poke for 2 hours dc:@sylvester_tg


the last one is,, a major F





let's ask Lil Nas for some water😋


This isn’t the first time someone has stuck something in me that has left me sore and feeling like shit



(18+) sends a thirst trap to 🤎


pls read a book & listen to more creators




just testing to see if tiktok will let me post






Ready for a day at the office 👀


Vinted haul part 1 lol


🧍🏽I- so.... how does one come out *lip bite*


I don’t do well with scary games...


Don’t ask about my accent I’m a pirate from space - Ares


Piercing check ✅✨


with @wrecre8


It’s not me that’s flashing this time 😂



BI RIGHTS ! Where are my bi fans at this morning


aktiflik için eheheheh, bayramınız kutlu olsun🥳🌸








I learned this song years go. Enjoy!


Turns out we were actually the cool kids




I was trying okayyyy


Reminder: you are a bad bitch




the fit for the night ❤️❤️#loveme


okay i need stop this is the last one i gotta go 😭😭 💖💛💙






like i feel so powerful😩🙏


Why is she so thirsty ? 🥵






My closest brush to fame


with @hannahbreadtok paint me like one of your French girls 😂




Reply to @musta449 Charcoal toothpaste 💀


We safely got them out of the water immediately. We were nicer than they were.



Answer to @drew_smith_42021 are you apart of the lgbtq+ community? 🌈





Happy Pride Month BI-tches 🏳️‍🌈


had to do this video, because I actually don’t understand this | this should not offend any LGBTQ Member


This is mt biggest fear.


break out ur 🐝dsm test results


it’s so holy and beautiful


Btw that’s why I’m barely posting hahah


Vögel und so


I feel so dysphoric lately, I wish I was cis, chest and voice are the worst of all. anyway, HAPPY PRIDE MONTH


Hehhe some Shit action ;)


Who’s a mama’s boy?


I mean come on.





só quero paz e respeito 🏳️‍🌈


This is a fantastic read 🏳️‍🌈





Hot Girl Summer Is Never Canceled! @cgoree22


we're gonna ignore the fact that I'm bi for a sec-


The LOOK she gave me, wait till the end


@kehlani @rw2100 @imcourtknee @dallllass @0fficial_kennedy



i get pregnant just looking at this photo .



with @eastsidelive1040 on me😭


stop tik tom took it down reposting ut idgaf


It do a fact


Only the truth #pridemonth




war zu gut ums in der galerie schmoren zu lassen



Here it is again now that I’ve actually had some sun, hopefully some beach content coming later this week?


Who tf are u ?


There are cishets doing it better than me fml


joining in on the trend! UnU


with @gaymeme


| “Pan” anime characters |


Shakira Shakira


Fun dad stories


trying to reach my communities!


ill be damned


Tom Daley🔞🥵


yea 🏳️‍🌈🇷🇺🇬🇦


Es viernes!!! Quiero alcohol 🍷🤪


Socks on or off for this one? 




It’s a joke chill


Stay mad bozos your hate comments ain’t doin’ nothing


It’s not always so black and white






Reply to @okayychiara told me to do it in smth blue @fleur_de_trash rip rip rip




with @___bentennyon Another childhood favorite ruined…


with @___bentennyon Another childhood favorite ruined…


it’s the first of monthhh✨ @thenextkidz


Happy Friday LGBTQ community 🏳️‍🌈!


Go get ready😬😈🏳️‍🌈


You’d be wrong 😝


This is a joke obviously 🙄 👀🤫


This one’s for the girls and the gays


com a gatinha 🤤 @luadahora1


<333 lots of love




Reply to @rebelissa last time i did this haha


Quel monde cruel… 🇲🇦🏳️‍🌈


Reply to @israel_the_bean pt3?


Someone give me answers pls



Reply to @cherryblossom_adict pt4?


Se eu olhar muito eu apago 🙂


Can we blow this up for my birthday today?🤪



more wisdom teeth chaos


more wisdom teeth chaos


they have my entire heart sry


@bymischi antworten THIS ONE IS FOR YOU AND YOU ONLY


Reply to @cryptic_fuckery pt5?


Huge thanks to @boulderwaxer and @waxingthecity !!!


sleepover w my mutuals challenge?




I Stopped filming because someone was staring at me when I turned around on the chair 😂


my favorite color 🖤#fyp


This summer is something I’ll never forget❤️ @bella05.5828


É uma guerra todos os dias 😩😂🥰#cat


I just can’t stop editing her😩🧎🏽‍♀️



a Pabllo Vittar tá diferente? hahahha


now I know who I am and what I am


with @rion_king60



Reply to @titus1991 until they put the other back up 😅


Follow for Gay News 🗞🏳️‍🌈💗🥰


CDU ist so enttäuschend


CDU ist so enttäuschend



So many things wrong with freshman me- YEESH


Reply to @yoruichissexyponytail pt6?


Which sexuality next? ^^



o hey there


That’s baby







Essa transição 🔥😏




Vers life


Meet Zoe (pronouns she/they)! So…what are your thoughts on gender reveal parties?




closet cosplay?



🥲sorry mom i’ll turn it down




Outfit for an office b**ch 😜



Dumb bunny






My new friend gives a mysterious vibe 🤫 @goddessofmuscle


Whos around


The way this lady say taki😭😂anyways enjoy me being✨fat✨#🏳️‍🌈


Still not the abs that I want but I’m working towards it lol. Just felt good in my body today)



I won‘t shut up just because someone is older than me


@xyz._.222 antworten


I’m gonna tell my future kids this is money launduring


Inspired by the comments in my last video


I can't do it, oh oops now you know all know lol😂


tsa knows i'm trans now ig


She gon do it anyway!


NPD ärgern


Y’all gotta take Skyrim away from me 😭😩


Would you date me though? Honestly


Tastes like venom


Reply to @shawn_vi_wolf stage one: denial



People these days😔




Slažko a Evženko




our shop is set up the way it is for a reason ✨


hehe just filmed so many transition videos in this outfit 😜😜😜


I'm so curious to see how plays this out, since supposedly appears in


voice reveal, ty guys for the support!!


he does have bi wife energy tho.




mmmm I felt seggsy asf ngl


ich mag die Farbe grün. Du magst lieber rot? Schön; jedem das seine 😎





Me desejem boa sorte 😍compartilhem para que viralize antes do aniversário dela por favor.


Sorry stink stink I was just curious🥰🏳️‍🌈


Really hope this gets on a cute girl’s




Cici_astral on socials 💙


There's a lot more I could say about the nuances of QTPOC identity but this is part of it


The trans masc experience♡


Be who ever u want


@justmindyabusiness is my girl



I RLY CAN’T💀💀💀😭 It’s the thought that counts💖🙏 Follow for Gay News🏳️‍🌈


I know I’m not the only one ✨🤍


I’m a gay cat lady who makes music, my internet connection is the most stable thing about me


T brain is wildin right now 😩


i- mhmm


Like okayyyy don’t gotta ask meee 😂


Spiraling in


la puteria es como la diabetes, no se quita pero se controla


I feel so ugly


Ich kann nimmer 🤣 IG: papaskleine 🎊


Be who are. Do what you want to do. If you don’t you will regret that darling


like u want me




or you’re just somebody i f*cked once 🤭 @zolita


The reason we’re always late 🤦#learnontiktok


Bossman asked him to ‘touch it’ 😱🤣




Repost bc it got deleted


Day late to “coming out” day but no one was surpassed anyways. 😏


i guess you could say i swing both ways...


Dreads grew and confidence grew at the same time.



LGBTQ+ memes 😎🏳️‍🌈


The poophole loophole!


with @jeremyolenski What the actual…


👁️👁️🐻, Am Back fluffers


come n get ur girl fr ?!?!!!


Die beiden man😂#fyp


Eine wahre Geschichte aus meinem Leben...not 🤣🌈


Happy Halloween 🎃👻


As you can see, it worked 😈




Finally something sweet yk…




He said this one is better





Reply to @fuckvlex




Jiji and I getting ready and showing you our fits for the day.


Der Sound Leute!