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should i do a tutorial?


Threw my shoulder out for this


showing my family the dance i just learned😅


here’s a tutorial!! hope it helps!!


Cleanings not so bad if ya do it to the beat


hi friends :) follow me on instagram! 💛


i don’t have much to say other than this was fun lol dc: @conradrocha


Cause I like your videos @vanessatontee


for ya!


The only thing that really hurts my feelings nowadays


What do you do to impress someone? Dc: @africanhoney


I’m done.. Thanks TikTok.


Low key poppin > aggressive poppin


pov: we lock eyes at a party and i think you’re cute


Too impatient to learn anything even slightly more difficult...


who else didn’t know this is how it’s actually done 😳😳


4 years of butts.


museum tok checkkkkk


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