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just in time before my phone fell lol 😝 dc:??


i wasn’t sweating during this 🤕 dc:@zach..vance


Still love this song @thechainsmokers💖


i kinda like it hmmm


haven’t made a beach tiktok in a whileee @lia.jxkubowski @lexington1202


my mini me🤍


Don’t let theses haters get to y’all on here


The wait is over... 🥰🔥


laugh out loud


don’t mind the strand of hair on my face 😸 (dc @ondreazlopez )


so i’m bored ... inspired by @boricua.babyyyy


Snap snap


TAG THE CREATOR!! // having justin react to dances > @justinrperez


Wit the gang




Lol I hate when this happens


Who can relate lol


Never double tap like me 🐶



On dating models in Hollywood pt 1



Divina pero no adivina 😉 [email protected]


like sir that is immaculate




Follow da insta! @kalebohlemacher


this trend is so weird😂 @evryjewels







just leaves a bad taste in my mouth...;|


Reply to @ekjot.kochar A deal is a deal, show some love? 🥺


w my main @nathalie.escobar




with @zayyuzumaki hi sorry gonna hype myself up for a minute


someone call our bestie 📞




Reply to @fairycommentsofcl some of y’all need help😭😭


I get what I wanttt🥰🙈


My brother walked in



yall this dance is too cute 🥺🥺 dc: @jebriebaby


I ❤️ Hedgehogs



Reply to @_.sai234._ almost to 150k hit that follow for a suprise🥺


Fun times with @audreysipler01 and


Boooom @emmanortss



dance studio lighting >> 💅🏽😌 @aleathedancer


My period, after 6 months.