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an ode to my button ups. i miss wearing you


I stayed up till 3am to watch this awesome movie and haven’t slept since. Will try not to spoil much.




there is no greater bond than a gay and a lesbian




Just your average Tuesday 🔫


Y’all I can’t dance and that’s all you ask me to do lol


soo late to this but hi i’m still alive


If you’re from hs and seeing this, yes I know I wasn’t cool but I’m on ~top~ now.


Apollo walked in like tf you doing 😭


She’s smt else 😩


Aún no se picar bien el ojo 🥺


na na na



with @dreadhead.ash


And yet I’ll settle for guys who look like zoo animals 😭 hopefully I’ll turn gay




my thoughts on the lesbian manifesto


Points were made at the end!!✨


Mis piernas ✨no funcionan✨ pero se trató


Part 2 🤵🏾‍♀️ thanks for 340k ♥️


with @littlemikasky


10 year old me.




her dad walks in😟 (if you know me, this is just for a trend keep scrolling)


How bout that?




Sorry Bro 😎


Answering our most asked question!!


maybe I'll practice this song with headphones😂


obviously the sun & the rain are allies because🌈


Does this happen for forever?




This sound was made for me


lesbian bugs bunny🐰🏳️‍🌈#ColorCustomizer


A lesson on sexualities


I’m so tired









That was really tempting




but out of time but like


BI RIGHTS ! Where are my bi fans at this morning


No one can have you besides me darling @g1g1l0l ||


Quiere la prueba dice 😳


Make a change today for a happier tomorrow! ❤️


Divas state to state staycation



habe you watched any of them?


not so friendly reminder that i don’t care about the male gaze whatsoever. i love when men find me ugly. i hate y’all and i want to repel you


with @hannahbreadtok paint me like one of your French girls 😂




This is mt biggest fear.


Btw that’s why I’m barely posting hahah



Definitely in the mafia 🙂🏳️‍🌈


@kehlani @rw2100 @imcourtknee @dallllass @0fficial_kennedy


There are cishets doing it better than me fml


Please?? @jeanthegrandmaster


trying to reach my communities!


ill be damned




Me enamoré de ellas 🥺✨#baihe


can switch it up


So many things wrong with freshman me- YEESH



And that's not even a lie


Just your everyday hot girl things 💖


if i don't go to hell when i die i might go to heaven....





Comment and tell me 👀


repostei pq sim


Writing my little gay pilot thanks to them


There's a lot more I could say about the nuances of QTPOC identity but this is part of it


@justmindyabusiness is my girl


Sex me 👌#foryoupage


Nico: okay bye *muah* love you. Mouse: wtf?#cat


Nico: okay bye *muah* love you. Mouse: wtf?#cat


Nico: okay bye *muah* love you. Mouse: wtf?#cat


Day in the life 💗


She has a lot things about her, rhythm is not one…


Au réveil vs en soirée




LGBTQ+ memes 😎🏳️‍🌈



im technically nonbinary but I’ll misgender myself for the bit. Please reuse this audio.


if you are mad it's about you. take a joke.


granny was ready to risk it all || credit : “guess my turn on | Lineup | Cut” - YouTube


granny was ready to risk it all || credit : “guess my turn on | Lineup | Cut” - YouTube


I love when she does this🥺