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My life be like....#food


Try NOT to laugh challenge FAIL🤣


The day it happened I laughed so hard I cried. I was legit so embarrassed.


Just sayin' 🤷🐖🐷


Lola is happy.


We all good, have the happiest day !!!


My husbands a savage.



He closed the door in my face for this 😳#myman







Me at work 💉😂




It's the laugh for me...


Duet this and have a try yourself! Fake laugh until you really laugh


Dommy is always on a roll.



Uhhh, she isn’t robbing anyone with that mask. 🤣



Never forget ⚡️


fake laugh until you real laugh , let’s do it again😏😂😭


Ew my laugh 🤣 This is only 1 out of 20 of my different laughs 😅


with @saritaserafini Fake laugh till you real laugh 😂 Who’s laugh was the funniest?


with @saritaserafini




Drunk chicken


Christian Singles Can Relate 😂😂😂


with @saritaserafini fake laugh until you laugh for real





hahaha tulungan nyo ako viniVC ako hahaha.bat naman may pa pera. watch till the end😂 🤪



Reply to @hamsterculy01010 Since so many ppl wanted part 4 here it is!


Saw this Joke on Google, had to do it! 😅


It's the thigh slap for me 🤪 💙


Shout out to the LIVE STREAM... MAGA MARKET is here!


since no one could understand him I added the captioning


these are GUARANTEED to make you laugh! (If you’re not made of stone)




I’m makin fun of all my family now lol




i can’t take myself serious bruh💀


Au purée de pomme de terre🤣🤣ABONNEZ VOUS FOLLOW ME


when u gotta step out cuz people around lmaooo like follow and share please


When ze impostur iz dabeybe?? 🥶🥵😈




How great is this man?!?


@jlo1017 😘💨😂



Your welcome🤣🤣#fyp


follow for more 😂



Fake it till you make it.


🤣🤣🤣Omfg Dont Watch Till End🤣🤣🤣


Don’t play with us 😂period!


Tell me He’s Wrong !


Dayshift sucks.











Vine Energy🍦


Mondays be like this 😆



Nothing to see here....just a and making him



Finally made it to Guatemala!


I have fun doing my pranks


Derek’s sporting 🪵.


Hide Scotty’s Face!




people do the [email protected]


If you could change anything in a movie🎥, what would it be?


Funny TV show scene


Reply to @gracieeoliviaaa More dad jokes!


Is “Survivor” a gameshow?


5 things 😂🤣😂


Derek Stinks💩


Aftermath from running into Diablo @robocop17art


That is the most terifying thing😱😨


with @mrs.momster now who would say that? 😜😂🤣


😂 😜 😜 😜


Things Rednecks never say.


Congratulations Nate and his beautiful fiancé we love you


Men, we need to stop being so predictable😕


with @mr.eli714 sanding up school 101


Dieses Video soll keinen beleidigen. Es dient nur zur Unterhaltung!


If you can’t sleep..



415,000 followers! You guys are amazing!!


Reply to @govindaraaz28 👍✔#public


When the “in-laws” visit.


New testing


Dad jokes can be confusing. 🤦‍♂️


I love this😆😂


Reply to @sergeantredbull More dad jokes for everyone!


One of the best video clips I've seen 😆😂


Fart Questions.


If anyone’s having a bad day here’s a video of a guy getting attacked by a bird while on the phone. Enjoy!


with @king.fly_rsa


guy in Arab idol🎵❤️😂


Reply to @kourdose New batch of dad jokes! @aimeedupree3


Part 2 as requested.


Rizzo listens to our podcast?!?!?


This video was meant for my bestie but I love it 😂💕


Another dad joke. Another fail 😂


Array re re re ..💃💃dekh phir hota hai kya 😜#beats


Would you rather…🍕?


with @erotemes I know right so rude!!!


with @scottywartooth yeah I’m out…😬😬


with @sushi_queen22 unkn0wn being a bad big brother 🤣😂🤣


Tough guys in sports draft.


Overrated❌ Or Underrated✅


with @fallenspiritofficial ok…ok, you say what it is then


@zebravet 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣



Reply to @taterbob Here you go! More rad dad jokes!


In my lives, someone always asks me to tell a joke. So, here you go!


Rage Rooms⚠️


Reply to @robyn0_0 More jokesss!


Aww don’t cry….that’s deeper than I wanna go…


this is me 😛😛


with @delta_f0rce aw man…nevermind


with @sushi_queen22 omph! Sheesh sally I just needed help 😖🤕#familyguy


Reply to @bakedboyfr Sure, here you go.


Reply to @maybeitwasutah More jokes for your husband!


Reply to @conwaymike Then you’re gonna love this one!


NZ Kakapo


Giant woman!!!!!


Reply to @golf7gti_81 Here’s another one! 😂




Reply to @cameronbellamy_3 More jokes for the fam!


oder solche


Best friend day 😁🤬😁


Pt.4 my video keep taking down hope this is better






Dam 69 what strap is that🤔



with @justingreenvo what do you mean stupid?!


Reply to @proffesional_s1mp Cheesy pizza joke at the end 😂 Thanks @melziee for the drum joke!




they wouldn’t touch😫



Answer to @noahclark013 Dating websites for the morbidly obese.




Reply to @mr.isi07 realtalk It’s important we address this.


Some thing that would break the tension at a funeral.


If you recognize this, you’re awesome.


I muffin'd him..


Answer to @kenzcool11206


Overrated❌ Or Underrated✅.


When you don’t have your morning coffee ☕️







I swear I was trying to fall asleep last night and this video popped into my mind 🤣




with @mocisaac oh no not the stupid dumb wrong spoon!!!!


with @izzysdizzyspells bantering between Oc’s


Ah you gotta love the French Language! 😁


All that training…for nothing 😤🤣



This is what I ge in believing in myself…🤦🏾‍♂️#mhaabridged


At least I got kissed by the cute one 😁#dbzabridged




Oh my 😂🤣🔥


Fake bersus realitey


who won 😂


Wizard of Oz- Clip courtesy of Rowdy Bob’s Crappy Clips






Beautiful sun, fresh air…video games.


What did I make-


Unkn0wn having “good feelings”


Getting caught by the dungeon master…but is slacking on torture



Halloween is around the corner


حرام عليك😩😹😹#7abud







Why does it feel like I’m getting muggged instead of asked out😨


Coming back from a battle with your teammate🤕😖



I mean it can talk to ghosts 👻


with @phoenix..flames sure…what she said 🤦🏾‍♂️










Lemons 🍋!


Story of my life 🤷🏼‍♀️





Pt.9 😂#memes






unusual memes pt.11 😂


تنفس 🧘‍♂️ فوت عالصفحة حتى لا يفوتك ضحك 😉#متابعة_ولايك


تنفس 🧘‍♂️ فوت عالصفحة حتى لا يفوتك ضحك 😉#متابعة_ولايك


تنفس 🧘‍♂️ فوت عالصفحة حتى لا يفوتك ضحك 😉#متابعة_ولايك


Tell me a joke then


Unusual memes video part4😂#memes


tntl with ksi pt 1


tntl with ksi pt 1




Ill never get tired of watching you two


Just indian things


Just indian things


This video 🤣 #foryou #foryoupage #viral #funnyvideos #memes #laugh #funny #memes #bestvideo