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Who tryna suck my socks





I’m back💜


i don’t even think i did this dance right



It’s too hard!!


should i go live?


My baby


Beach dayyyy 😋


Reply to @dtx.ortega500 ur cute


i don’t like this trend lmao



Y’all wanna see my evil twin 😘😈


Taylor’s version hits harder when you’re doing mentally ill sh!t


guys they removed the sound to this 💔 they got tired of me probably lmao //


Sometimes it takes a couple tries :P


I’m cold


thank you guys so much for 20k!!



These Minnesota Boys Are So Slept On🎵🔥 @tone_steezrecords 🖤


I just woke up from a nap 😚


Reply to @snap_user_is_evaldez4k silly


📸 hey baddie!


this is a joke, ❄️’s took it down the first time


Dr B you really are the realest in the game nothing but respect




spring break in south padre >>



BREAKFAST!!! He tried it...#fyp




This and the clap song don’t leave my head lmaooo thanks TikTok


Hehe #fyp #JustAddBriskZero


if you got nothin nice to say don’t say it at all😘


My moms better then urs😂❤️😘#blowthisup


All females can relate






Plants ARE better than people 🤷🏼‍♀️


booty club


POV: you’re Michelle and I’m holding you hostage😂 


It’s been doing this for like 10 minutes what— @trashmouth_kokissi


Please post


Just seeing if this will work


Wit my hoe (remix) 🥶😈🥱#fypシ


with @saleenwallace I said what I said ☺️


Good morning


Call me




Borderline ❤️


it’s so nice out //


Answer to @user32156894269 I Don’t get it .. HELP


can’t stop won’t stop



lil draft :)


Here’s a better take // dc: @jm_yrreverre




I look so mean lol


holi :3


It’s icing 🥺 it’s not dangerous 😩



Had an encounter with Julio’s son today


max effort


y’all know the 🐳 tail vibes







good morning 💕


The BIG ONE :3


I think he found a trident?








I’m about to spend d my last 50 dollars to my name pls help me






Reply to @userlfqy6j0q0e pt2 tummy noises





Making a new ig post 🥰


Making a new ig post 🥰


2 more likes till 10k🥳#fyp


i feel kinda freeee



Happy Sunday :)


We did get ready but we forgot to make this


@cjschaetzle2 @taylor.curry11



When they are banned but still watch my stream ._.


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Reply to @uncomprehendable I want myself too Bruh


Good night baby


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Find your birthday twin in the comments 🥳#fyp



Stream Billie Jean🧍🏾‍♀️.#DSWCutLoose


Answer to @mag0tb0t :))


Reply to @krystal822 Philly Cheese loaded baked potato


When the girls pull up ❤️


his name?💀🤚#greenscreen