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Maha purush hai😂🙈


Qui a vue les jokes de papa ? @katoukat.lol


The first time cussing around my mom😂😂😂


When the theatre worker says you can’t bring in your own drinks 🥤😏 w/@allisoncifelli —





i had to😭😂


I did it 🙄


4 types of b* face...


sad girl hours


if you can’t tell, this is a joke



Love this trend!!!!


If he doesn’t help ladies he ain’t the one 😂#fy


Ima be a good dad 😩😂#funny




Ik why y’all are here






I'm not sure what the nurses do this😂


If you know, you know.



I got mine from the fifth..#fyp








um um yes what is aiiskduwidudjej | ✨💗thank u for 20k daddys/mommys💗✨ |



We’re just really close


This magic has a price tag 😂


who’s got it?




I will be doing this all day so stay tuned and follow






Saw this Joke on Google, had to do it! 😅



Part 2? This is a joke


Whats wrong with me, i have to buy games by myself 🤡 / ib: @elongatedmusk 💕


She’s a savage 🥺


do it right, spread the word!


Well, that will show her... (IC: @benzenthusiast )


Dient nur zur Unterhaltung und soll keinen persönlich angreifen.




Best jokes😂😂 Wait until the end








How many can relate to this? @mr.swapp Inpiration from @thestrohshow


Paint like a painter


I’m makin fun of all my family now lol



Got her good 😂 @jasmanian..devil


This took me an hour and a half to make


Ist mir nicht passiert, aber stellt euch das mal vor 👀




Thanks for the tag @your..local..gameeer


Credit: @obi_w4n




When a Chinese steel worker is on break and the liveleak logo suddenly appears


Demon time p2 😈⏱ @roycrush


I wish I was born befofe I was born 🙄


Don’t take the kings 👑



James May, what a legend.


with @shawnjohnson I love my wife with all my might, but Jesus Christ! 😫 She always talks! Lol




Three girlfriends


follow for more 😂



Sorry that I haven't uploaded for a while I've been busy cuz of school


Sorry that I haven't uploaded for a while I've been busy cuz of school


I’m so tired


Tag your BESTFRIEND❤ Sound @itsahmadking1


Dommy is a legend! 🤣 Audio: @littel_johnny Gameplay: @datzebra


Follow 4 More! ————————————————————————--


Send this is everyone you know :)



he went for milk he will be home soon😁


lmao rude


Looks like Y/N got it from the expert😌 Poor bokuto-kun



If you see this on the fyp comment “premium” 😂




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🍌🍌🤣🤣 sound by @bestgaming_moments gameplay via (YT/Achy Gaming)



ahaaaa this is a joke.. ahaaa ahaaa


Just hit the like button!! 🤣


Zou jij het accepteren?😮


Every girl on tiktok be like this and gets hella ton of likes. Jesus 🙏.



For legal purposes, this is a joke


Ultimately everything😂 Sound @fistfirstutd


with @diariesofaholyknight leafy moment 😳


What is your favorite Kirby game?


Credit: yt:Sleepover


God didn’t bless me in that department 🥲


worth a shot right? 👀


AARRGGGHH, no words


Sorry Kamala but Trump’s gonna do it. 😂




Thanks to @m0nster705 for being bike racer


@motheperson17 @tygetheperson4





tell me yours...


This happens all the time 😂


The mask didn’t scare me but her face did 😂 @wendy_michelle45


I hate this video😭😭


Broken grandpa💔😣⛓


with @mollymaguire4x I sunburnt my nose and I look like a clown


Uploading this again


Was trinkt ihr am liebsten?😅😂 Insta: leakatharinamaria💞


Joke time (inspired by @zeek8813 )



Bin selber🇹🇷#foryourepage




Ayo the pizza here


“big muscles oh yeah”



reposting with captions and


this was fun to make


follow me on Insta 🗿#itachi motion


New testing


i felt bad for laughing 😂#fyp


🚨 Along with ilDonaldo Trumpo - Happy July 4, Patriots. 🙏 GOD BLESS & SAVE AMERICA 🇺🇸



mit @dianazurloewen Augen auf bei der Berufswahl


Týpek nejspíš v sobě dlouho držel Cthulhu démona. 😂😂😂


Do you know the difference?


Watch it again if you don’t UNDERSTAND!


Lazy boy



مزح لحد يشدها


Clever guy



She needs him back!


Dumb Things People Say (Part 10)



He got her hopes up 😔


Two can play at that game 😯



He got her hopes up!




it's always the low quality videos 😂


In my lives, someone always asks me to tell a joke. So, here you go!








How to get out of trouble 101



Dumb Things People Say (Part 11)


Typically emergency😂 It is a joke!!



That’s a pretty good dream (Credits: Stuffinds)


Great Goal ✅#spaß






Repost because it got taken down 😐


Typically emergency😂 *reupload*


with @k.edits.__ follow my [email protected] pt.3💔


they either fatherless or they wish they were😪


one of the reasons why I hate knock knock jokes 🙂


She seemed angry, I wonder where she was going 😟 (IB: Stuffinds Website)


Big brain 🧠




Got her 😂 @ohsamnicole


Do it 😩


can we pretend that airpl- 😭🌠💫🙁 ||#dnf


one try? too easy. zero try is better.


Who’s friends did this to them? 😂


Reply to @conwaymike Then you’re gonna love this one!



Come on Tobi 🥶


So true 😂🥺


Sound Credits @iv.plaza gameplay via (yt/achy gaming)


the played becomes the player ❗️ heartless mfs




Reply to @f_griff proper geezer



Weird how this kinda happens 🤭#newvoice




Chritha l kerri





Keju 🥶


Niet Yusu


Thank you all for 10K ❤️


what the dog doin?🤨(ignore the caption)#meme


Candid shots are the best ☺️


mai xoá


When you don’t have your morning coffee ☕️


I dont think he will survive😩😢


Moms be like


plis bukan cuma gw yang pengen kaya gitu kan? 😩





Paimon 7.2 Leak! [NOT REAL] ‼️


I’m sorry


Nice to meet ya 💫


Es broma, la verdad no se por que no tengo amigas☹️






Watch it again if you don’t UNDERSTAND!


👻 🐝


next up alien invasion🤣




Logic in games are weird


Surprise again.. don’t skip 🍓


🥛 😂


Three what?!


hahahahha Hala oiii




I was trying to eat my strawberry 🍓


Threw milk at me






Interior decorator


🤣🤣🤣 sound credits @ryan.the.howlett gameplay via (yt/achy gaming)


🤣🤣🤣 sound credits @ryan.the.howlett gameplay via (yt/achy gaming)


Dr Pepper surprised me 🍾



It's just a joke


🦉 + 🐓 //



First day on the job


Might delete later if tt doesn’t get to it first🤪


صعد الفيد وانزل ردة فعله الطيفه🥺💞+كتبولي اغاني اسويها بناء😂💔#اكسبلور



The struggle is real y’all🥱


Seems fun


for real#viral



They did a good job


They did a good job



Call it the crematory cracker or something



It’s my birthday 🥳




no hate to France


Sầu hết cuộc đời


Reupload because it kinda flopped


that’s enough internet for me today


When you gotta go under water real quick so you can laugh


Should we put down the blinds? @brysonchazworth @discolines


Yeah sure🤷‍♀️



Repost of my first viral video that got taken down#CinderellaMovie


Cheese or BJs?😂😳





Supriae at the end🥲


Welcome to another episode of: WHAT IF IT HAD TIDDIES!


Got his a** for always getting me 😂😂 @thezaeway


@ratsforwin antworten | Typically emergency 2😂 (Clip YT/AlphaBanane2)


It was truly amazing


10$ a month and Batman in live action ?



Follow me on Instagram🥧


WAIT FOR THE END 😂 @regalnoise



Yep another one from chat😂


excuse you?! 🤣





I like Tommy but come on man.


Love the milk 🥛#fyp


with @diariesofaholyknight This is outrageous


Wish it was a


nicht mein viedeo



Spare just in case 😄







Chat take this TOOOOO far!



tryna make my face go red asf? LOL year 7 😔


No cap..couldn't stop laughing after that 🤣@thedylanshane






Ja es tut mir leid das ich booty habe und man den jetzt da sieht🤷🏽‍♀️



Bananas or radioactivity🤣🤣


It ain’t easy!




Its a joke.


Good night @bajio fellaski


Good night @bajio fellaski


This is for joke purposes only


Omg I love your face & soul ❤️😂 @surviving_myownmind


u silly baka


Someone explain the joke to me please 🥺


كمل للخر 💔🤣🤣🤣😭🇩🇿#tiktok



Aw naw I’m dippin


Ain’t no WAY


Story of my life 🤷🏼‍♀️


Random memes


Random memes


Random memes




Daily Joke!



Always gotta watch my back ✡️



WHAT!? 😂








@stofkri2020 antworten Random memes 2







Gestern war Montag


reposting with captions because the sound was taken down @_itsnate


HE'S ONLY 34 😬#soccer


Giant CoC😬🤣




Lol…(I know that it’s a serious topic but you gotta love korg)


with @quinnappropriate Weird anyways


with @leanjose01 Okay!


with @leanjose01 Okay!



Bushman at Target Pt.2😳😂😂😂😂




Next up is Deku 😧



Random memes 5




with @dailypushthebutton no offence but you gotta start asking better questions💀💀










والله هاذه لازم يصعد 🥰❤😍👑👑#quarantine


To me it seems like german hospital 💀💀


Watch it again if you don’t UNDERSTAND!


Der Spicker


Man kennt’s




@youngyakuza_ @thee_logan


Hab halt keinen Mann lol??? (Wie findet ihr die neue Haarfarbe???) 🥰




Alabama vibes


Complete mindset change



Tell me a joke then


This friendship ist just elite 💀#nickfury



Reply to @sudhfkdnfj56 😪😅




Schneit es bei euch ?






Hi TikTok fam!!


Bei den Tankpreisen 🤷🏻‍♂️


noch einmal weil das gesperrt wurde


So, jetzt wisst ihr bescheid was zu tun ist🤓


Answer @im_siowei I love that this was my most viral. I love you mom ♥️



the betta spidey, the betta kisser |


Dark...💀😂 sound via (yt/vootz) (Clip YT/Chris92)


Breaking the glass ceiling. Icon.




Nobody got hurt everything is Protected no Danger no Violation everything is Staged and Fake


Answer @tiktok Got it?😬



Ayyo 🤨


That one mate explaining his height…💀 gameplay via (yt/achy gaming)


ach apple ach #qdh #ouhmanalta #55555 #fy #fürdich #xyzbca #humor #joke #comedy



@beadogtoday625 antworten Random memes 16 #fy #fypシ #fyp #meme #joke #funny #viral #comedy #randommemes #random #funnyvideos