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Might as well post this one too


jojo’s made a man outta me🥴


I’m so mad I only got two videos of her then I threw up LMAO






Pov: Koichi won’t shut up while yukako shows you a cool dance




My skirt is crooked but it was way too hot to take another one




so gorgeous 🗣️‼️💯


since the majority of the people from my last video wanted the full video


I will never shut up about my wall



and Ghiaccio uses reddit


This shit hurt like mofo. Please duet this to feel.






Jotaro is Chuck E. Cheese 😨🙁💔?#jojobizarreadventure


Reply to @bertholdtssweater rest in peace melone




with @blueline_shinobi


JoJo is halal anime. credit: amine shounenposting (FB)


Reply to @wcnderzz the real and only Polnareff 😩




the way i AUTOMATICALLY thought of act 3





i love beach episodes, don’t you? silly kids got their ball stuck in the tree 😊


The real reason why DIO lost.


please blow this up


i cant believe he would do this to @shefxckndead


It just feels wrong.



thug be like


thug be like


I know it’s a parody but I couldn’t help myself


Anime slander pt.2😈🍥😤


Was it worth it? 😳




Ik I’m a weeb 😔


i love him


Caesars death 😔@isthatajojoreference06



i tried to make one of those jojo edits



@l_gronk @urfriendlyoniichan @the_olive4 @eric_memes123


I just think he's neat ☺️


i see y'all liked my mariah one👁💭which characters would yall like to see next maybe


Répondre à @josuke.de.wish


Johnny Joestar


Répondre à @josuke.de.wish


Some people can’t dress smh 🙄


Reply to @gundeii Better than reading the word “perish”






😈😈😈 @emperor_phantom_the_v


⭐️@the.hero.of.sass ⭐️ and thanks @lesbianmista and @paprikasun for throwing things


i mean it was the end but


localized stand names will ne the death of me


Next video will be my favorite endings




No les voy a mentir, great days mi op favorito


he's one of my faves but SO underrated


I’m convinced that this guy IS Mista




thank y’all sm for 1000+ followers omfg 😫💕






>:( this is for u JACOB bc ur mean and annoying but i still ly and ur cool BUT MEAN


Reply to @mysto._._ giornos sus requiem




Нет слов одни эмоции 😆#fypシ


Quick Edit


⚠️Flash warning⚠️


Lesson 5 but its AUT


Reply to @dragon_slayer556 crazy noisy sussy town


как думаете, куда шел чариот? (мне скучно)


Reply to @yamidanjhou here 😂 CONTENT IDEAS IN COMMENTS





Missing this sound😢




ignore Kars foot... I.. did a little oppsie...




Experimenting a bit


Last man standing


with @raijinsensei69 @leanbeefpatty Foo has joined !!


Might have to do the others too


Might have to do the others too