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another day, another meltdown w Doug


Wander carefully


You really are obsessed?



my bathroom smells super clean now tho


💭comment your birthday month @retrogreg @djshivers 🥳🥳







This one definitely looks better then my first attempt 😂


just a reminder🥺


booty pump😼#ColorCustomizer


caught them lacking 😳



i win


Credit: @obi_w4n


I posted this because I look tall 😋☝🏼


Can’t wait for comp tomorrow!


you can also use quarters





@stringofallmightshair you once again impact long life on a day to day basis






she matches my mental 😅💕 @xo.kdanielle


with @hood.goofy


i don’t take a lot of videos of myself so enjoy this collage 😭😭🥷🏽#fyp



watch till end to see my masterpiece


with @sancheezus just tryna brush my teeth


somethings wrong with me🤣...#foryou


It’s true





she saved me last summer. || rm @fvaddi cc st ab marianne ||


Reply to @thornedjustice



dummy $$tupid bored :||


When u realize u took the JJ Vaccine ._.



blocked from posting til the 20th :(((


Now I’m stumbled 😳


I ain’t tryna pull a muscle son



I was absolutely feeling myself in this dresssss. Thoughts on it?


we gon try this again




Reply to @krystal822 Philly Cheese loaded baked potato


with @l.bennett.612


with @groovysalami I knew it wasn’t my fault!


I’m on my best behavior now.


pasabit😞 ac clewzdre cc @7rem one transition ib aubrey







with @l.bennett.612 tiktok took the first one down............


i love both the ITs ugh/🎞:IT 2017/




that was terrible i need to work on my 🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟🦗🦟


Can’t believe we still call it that with no hesitation




this dance dc: @sagerosen @gianina






i was holding on 4 dear life 🧍🏾‍♀️.. but fr 😩😩..


I love this audio




with @itsromebaby


Knock knock knock




i’ll never understand how ppl look good doing this dc: @lilratpiss




this looks so awk i didn’t know what to do w my hands lol




Te extraño 💔✨🥲


When the girls pull up ❤️




we doing this again😋


Vlog pt 1



I Just Found Out I’m Related To Frank Sinatra And Charlie Chaplin



Sink Overload Pt.1💫


Sink Cleaning Pt.2💫


but who’s chick


feel free to duet!!


Its nothing personal just how it is


2 People said it!


😭😭 So this is what in my ?!


had to reupload I made a typo lmao


i’m very uneven






i fold for both OOF


Fax tho am I right#wwefan#forever#ilovewwe#somuch#itsmy#favorite


Mood🥳 “ baby’s not coming yet “


i said 🐈🐄🐈🐄


I dropped it 😔




all natty😏🤪the struggle


June 15th if anyone wants to prove me wrong :)


Reply to @hideyshooty More on my What else do people want to know?


these girls walking on the beach started hyping me up ahahah i loved it


Spencer Reid will FOREVER have my heart


lowkey uncomfy