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i look so mean omg


Facial Exercises (pt.3) : The Nose 👃



no lifeguard on duty @ellaashcraftt


Reply to @brahmanandam64 Damn I scare myself sometimes


with @thatvegannurse


no this is not allowed



yup yup


why was this so hard


yerrrr this was hard af




fuck the inverted filter fr tho



ayo lowkey 👀👀#fyp








school was very hard


Opening this coffee concentrate that @javy.coffee sent me! I ran out of time but I’m definitely gonna make more videos about it!


olivia kinda did it this time


i kinda wanna cry & go eat at the same time


😜Had to do it @iamtoothlessandruthless 🙌🏼#iseered




had to try w middle part. I hate it.


It’s true



i know u get deja vu


When the girls pull up ❤️


#inverted i look like a wh0r3 :)


i’m very uneven




well that was fun


Okay idk how to do this😂😂 Gimmie a sec to try and learn it



so scared of this



❤️ mine


are you dizzy 🥴


this thing looks weid





with @sharkdank4forever


This sound kills me 😂


Draft♥️ Do you prefer makeup or no makeup?💄👄



Had to hop on this trend :))


in sync asf fuck🤝 @juliabasner


Thats a really good bank 😰


tried this with my arm 🌚


last day of school everrrrrrrrr


Thank y’all for 30k!!



Wow. You guys deserve better.



ok good my piercing is centered


she’s killing me


not it for me


idk why tf i did that w my had it looks so weird 😭


Mi cara al ver que no soy simétrica 🥺😂 Ig: _melu.denise_ 🦋


I know you’re somewhere out there...


no soy simétrica 🤣



happiest I’ve ever been ♥️ sending the BESTTTT energy to everyone today (streaming tonight✨🌈🧚@ 8/8:30 twitch: burke_kelleher)


im sorry i had to do it 😕


when my god complex kicks in


idk how to do it. Don’t come for me


how are y’all doing?#HoldMyMilk



we are [email protected]


with @rotomon


it’s the necklace for me oop


in the 🌅


Big fall😬






like homie come back I’m not done w u yet


Yes I messed the words up I know 🤫


like i promise it’s good


lol whoops


it’s gonna be a good movie for sur







blow blow





Te puedo arañar?😳😈








hi this vid sucks 😕😕 anyways hi i was banned







they alwayssssss gon spin the block😅





got a cute poster in my room


Lol I did this with the audio off sorry for the wrong lyrics lmao



mini @hottopic haul!




nose hairs


This somg makes me happy



Reply to @.bradox




Reply to @halbrookes was cuddling the cat before this


my phone was dying😔



with @jayla


Idk how to do this lol


this video is 99% for @moose_0 because …


Soil sampling season is here!


Don’t judge a book by its cover cause pancakes matter 🥲#AEJeansHaveFun





with @nocontextbars




Reply to @alexmortoniv makes sense 🍋


Miau//Ig StarbutterflyPuh





This stage was everything 😁


lagi demen nyindir


Banyak promo di xxi buat nonton SPIDER-MAN🎉