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if this, then that




Stretching before practice😂


Reply to @lawdhaveemuthy


We love that


Si o No






Idk what this is (I’m cleaning out my drafts)






it's been a while



can someone help me




GUESS WHO CAME TO MY HOUSE TO 🎥 TODAY🤭#filmingday @bellamihair





new hair


my gloss is poppin



@angelinar1228 Thxs for the shirt


pt. 2 with no falling @dancingmadyy


After months of talking lead to this moment❤️


Reply to @shaya2.0



Tiktok keeps shadow banning meeee 🤬 but my new try on haul is up on YouTube!


with @carmmiee



Am I on beat?






Say cheese 📸😙 w/ @krooked666


My favorite sunday plans 🍭





Who did it better?!🤪 @austinbberner ID: @chasinn.loot


Reply to @_nickspamz_ cropped version for people asking for it#SummerMashup







I had to take my talents to target 😂😂#fypシ


did it with shorts this time 🙏


the energy was there


it just might be 🤫


[𝐋𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐄𝐝𝐢𝐭]



oh here's an introduction to billy, the morbidly obese cat my aunt owns that makes funny noises


That animation tho🤯


Insta @ eveculling


Comment your favorite food!


y’all it got taken down


am sweaty😤







light work @tictokbitchez


Oh man😂 first try!#PrimeDayShowPJParty


i still want more 😩


BaRbIe ✨eDiT✨#GetYourJeansOn




here’s your pt wtf, i think 14??


oh oh oh


I need someone to do this with 😂😅


pretty accurate😢


Do NOT try this at home 😳😱 [via @humza_shah1]


clem could take my eyeball out and i’d thank her.




Fawk it @jaiseyrae4




👁️👄👁️ no comment


Reply to @partiiduhhh


gonna do it again with energy 😭#SHEINcares


Ima vibe however whenever…




Last day🥲



Wasn’t me


Reply to @mac45_ Off Grid Living, we got this!


"It takes a College Degree to break an aircraft. It takes a High School Diploma to fix it"





Y’all be mad weird








Idk man